Blog2008 ≫ Lovely christmas, where is the time going?

Went to my folks, nearly four days but it rushed by like nobody's business. Christmas eve in the Red Lion in Fareham disappeared in a flash too, didn't even get round to speaking to everyone. Shame it's so infrequent that we meet up. Great christmas dinner, and presents, Wii Fit is the best, my wii fit age has varied from 34, to 44, to 35 on the three days I've tried it. I'm sure there's some way of logging all this online, will investigate. Our christmas day there was less fraught than it would have been here, one of the party was rushed into hospital with breathing difficulties! We did not find out until the next day, but all is better now.

Went to Dagenham to collect the wardrobe that I ebayed, all went smoothly. Dartford Crossing is a monstrous blockage on what would have been quite a smooth journey. Nothing really caused the blockage apart from the toll booths, traffic would have been flowing freely without them... Thanks to Dean for coming with me and giving directions. Had to go shopping as soon as we got back, so had to say goodbye before I'd tricked him into carrying it all upstairs, s carried it in bit by bit by myself - this is what I put my wii fit age of 44 down to.

Have looked at some cars, thinking of buying one, not just looking at them for no reason. Haven't seen anything I like yet, nor that I can justify spending thousands of pounds on. Might as well spend it, it's doing nothing in the bank, and the longer I don't buy a house, the cheaper they seem to be getting.

Have a happy new year, I know we will.

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