Blog2009 ≫ 'baywatch - dining table in London

This dining table and chairs1 is currently at 742! That would be a nice little income in these credit crunching times, but also if you're thinking of buying this new you'd be making a saving of about 50%. So everyone's a winner!

Designed by Simon Pengelly for Habitat. Curved lines with bridle joint details add a distinctive flair to this solid oak dining and bedroom furniture range. All these items are still available at habitat and new would cost 1595.00 We Have used this dining set for three years but recently moved to a smaller house. There is no denying it has had lots of use there are a few bumps and scratches. One of the benches has a faint yellow stain from oil paint. They are all very well made pieces of furniture. Also included are two spare brand new cappuccino coloured cushion covers for the chairs.

On and also...

Theses Items can also be collected from East Sussex as well as London. Good Luck!

Get us! We have two homes, London for the week and Brighton for the weekends, what what!

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