Blog2012 ≫ Oh yeah proper snow today

We had some snow yesterday, fairly light here, but then there was a little more in Etchinghill, where we went for lunch with Dom and Jen. Hmm I have been writing sentences that are too long recently. Anyway overnight, lots more snow, lots and lots here:


Not seen many people out and about, I did just see an army truck fail to get up the hill behind the house. His wheels were spinning so he gave up and reversed back down the hill again. I hope he wasn't heading off to a war anywhere snowy.

Clare is on the Wii Fit. Jogging by the looks. I am playing computers, mostly surfing for Arduinos on ebay. This is going to be a good deal2, I keep getting outbid though. I guess it would just be more unused clutter if I did buy that much in one go, but I do need a good starter pack. Should have asked for that for christmas...

arduino: Microcontroller, hardware prototyping platform, a tiny specialised computer.

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