Blog2010 ≫ Hot boot fair action

I bought legos.

An absolutely corking day today, very hot indeed. I got out of the urban shopping trip, Clare has gone with her mum instead. I think she wants to buy me birthday presents, lots of them. So, The boy and I went to the boot fair this morning and I bought one of these1, I hope all the bits are there. The family I bought it from looked trustworthy and organised, I have a big bag of bits and the original instructions. For a fiver that looks cheaper than ebay, though I probably would not have bid on one of these. It was just there and the money was in my pocket.

I also bought some wombles too, don't tell Clare. The boy seemed quite pleased with them, though threw them all on the floor before we got home.

The boy is napping now, I'm going to get some lunch then we're off to the beach this afternoon.

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