Blog2007 ≫ So this is who I was bidding against in that last Harry Clarke auction

I bought a 1931 copy of [abe]Hans Anderson's Fairy Tales[/abe] on ebay the other day for about twenty quid. It's in terrible condition (though I've mostly reassembled it) and some of the black and white illustrations have been crayoned in by a child, BUT, all of the colour plates are present and they're lovely to see. Will I cut it up and frame them like these people have1? Probably not, though there is an outside chance if I can get a good conditioned copy of the book.

I might scan the pictures in later and post them up here, though you can see a few if you're quick here2, and here3.

Don't be outbidding me on the next book just so you can carve it up and sell it on.

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