White Light Motorcade London Dates

White Light Motorcade London Dates

The really flipping ace White Light Motorcade play a couple of London Dates next week:

+ Wednesday 26th Dublin Castle, Camden Parkway, with Solenoid, Transposer, and The Yettys +Thursday 27th Barfly, Chalk Farm Road, with Longwave, and The Realistics

AAARGH, going to miss the Barfly gig as I'm seeing [Def Leppard](http://www.wayahead.com/livegigpopex/event.asp?filler1=livegigpopex&artist=Def Leppard" target=_new title="Def Leppard tickets) and [The Darkness](http://www.wayahead.com/livegigpopex/event.asp?filler1=livegigpopex&artist=The Darkness" target=_new title="The Darkness tickets) that day...

You really have to get this new [Darkness](http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/external-search/026-0662149-2721061?tag=clarkeology-21&tag=popexcom&mode=music&keyword=Darkness" target=_new title="Darkness CD's) single "Get Your Hands Off My Woman", listening to it again now, it's ace...

💬 Def Leppard

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