Blog2011 ≫ Dear secret santa

We're doing "secret santa" in the family again this year, this is the email I sent around, in case you missed it

I would like a massive bucket like this1 for making more cider in and then a big old barrel like this2 to store it in - I think you can get them both in Wilkinsons. Right now I can only make cider in batches of about one gallon, which obviously is not enough to share. If I get a massive barrel like this I will invite you all round for a taste.

Or, some Reginald Hill books; "The Long Kill", "Death of a Dormouse", "Signing the Sadness", "Dream of Darkness", "The Only Game", "The Roar of Butterflies". Second hand is fine, some might be hard to find new, you can get second hand on amazon or ebay.

Or, some dimmable low energy lightbulbs3 - you can't dim normal low energy ones but I am too mean to buy too many of these ones that I would really like.

Thank you secret santa

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