Blog2008 ≫ Ever feel lacking in skills?

I do, all my skills are in software, if the power went off tomorrow I'd be SUNK! I wish I had more hardware skills, not just computer hardware, but general mechanics and making and fixing things. Here's an interesting article along those lines1 from wired.com2:

If you can't get under the hood of the gadgets you buy, you're far more liable to believe the marketing hype of the corporations that sell them. When things break, you toss them and buy new ones; you accept your role as a mere consumer

I resolve to start improving my makingness, think I might start by buying some lego...

Hey, something I like about [reply]this funky text box[/reply], I can tab inside it, you can't tab inside a normal textarea, you tab out of it instead. Just a bit of javascript3 that I didn't even notice was there at first.

javascript: Programming language of the web, mostly how I earn a wage.

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