Blog2011 ≫ Also good luck on this book case!

John Lewis Ardennes bookcase at the same price as a new one, pah!

John Lewis Ardennes bookcase starting price SEVEN HUNDRED QUID! These are nine hundred pounds new, you are having a laugh! The Ardennes range is John Lewis' replacement for the Bergerac range that we have, this book case does not look as good as the two we have. Don't like that single drawer being faked up to look like two drawers, looks cheap.

Been uploading more of my old pictures to picasaweb too, so with any luck you should see something relevant popping up to the right there

Hopefully not just one of us gurning at a beer festival this time...

When we got married we bought some [ebay=john lewis bergerac]Bergerac furniture from John Lewis[/ebay], two book cases, and I thought we'd eventually buy just this. It's very expensive, and a bit chunky, and now they discontinued it anyway. We bought a sideboard, that turned out to be a slightly different colour to the bookcases, ah well. I think we're better off with lighter furniture (lighter in colour, and in generallyless heavy feeling in sheer presence), but it's still lovely stuff. [ebay=john lewis bergerac]You might still get it here occasionally[/ebay].

More updates from the latest ebay deals as I get them... Wait, come back!

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