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Hmm, ebay recently quit Commission Junction (an affiliate company, who make it easy for small fry like me to refer you to a company who pay a commission), and now ABE Books are off too, I wonder what's going on? There are millions of companies out there that pay commissions but mostly they're loan sharks and so on, Ebay and ABE are the only two I've found that are relevant to the kind of things I like to write about. Amazon always seemed like a good idea, but everyone knows how and where to buy books and cd's, so it never actually made any money at all.

I can follow Ebay and ABE to their new homes, but blee, CHANGE is BAD, it never works out for the best for the little guy! Whenever I've moved affiliate companies in the past I've ended up missing out on some money...

Just remembered [s]some[/s] ALL of my links (for example, to this non rustic table and chairs) are out of date, I'm losing my 6p commission already!

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