Blog2005 ≫ Ebay Schmebay

Tonnes of Terry Pratchett books on EBay, but not much call (or as much value) for Raymond E Feist, what's that all about? Have just been chatting with a chum about ebaying, I've never sold anything before, but I have TONNES of crap I ought to get rid of... Loads of 2000ADs which seem to do ok on ebay, though individually they're hardly worth flogging - 38 quid for prog one so far, I think I'd rather keep it. Maybe I will start up soon, free up some space in Mum and Dad's loft.

Speaking of which HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Hmm, same did who's selling 2000ad issue one is selling the space spinner free gift separately, for a lot more!

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Wed Jun 01 2005

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