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Thursday night beer festival

Friday night in the Crown

Friday has come round again very quickly

Portchester cider and sausage festival was awesome

Good trip to Mum and Dad's

Portchester cider and sausage festival

When you name these storms, it makes them stronger

I possibly put on 2.5kg over the weekend

Chambers bank holiday cider festival

Bike ride to West Hythe

Awesome fathers day

Bank holiday pub crawl 2 (or was it three) Kipps

On our night out we went to 3) Kipps Ale House

Walked to gymnastics today

So lots of weekend activity

Backspace is my new favourite thing in Folkestone

Actually I don't have many more details of the weekend that I've not covered elsewhere

A huge walking day on Saturday

This fruit press looks a good deal

Ciderfest 2016

Splendid afternoon on Folkestone Harbour Arm

More pub action

The next supper club date is set for Sunday, August 2nd at The Firkin Alehouse in Cheriton Place

Oh, I already did...

Fabulous supper club tonight

Cider Fest at The Fountain was great

Mexican Supper Club at Kipps Ale House 31st May

VW Split Screen for sale in Hythe

How's my brewing?

Oh also we went back to the Cider Works

It's brewing time!

Lovely day

I really like the look of this VW van

London midweek weekender part six

Cider Festival

Ooh cider festival on the bank holiday!

Land Rover Safari, Micropub, swimming...

Yet another bank holiday weekend with no DIY

Excellent ebay bargain complete cider making kit

Portsmouth pub crawl 6 - The Hole In The Wall

Portsmouth pub crawl 4 - The Hole In The Wall

Good things about my bonus day off part 3

Round up of the best London pubs

Our kitchen tap broke

Dream day out

Itching to get to the pub

The Florence Arms

Ooh bargain fruit press in Hythe

Leas Lift beer festival next weekend

Chambers Easter Ales Festival 2013

I might get to go to The Harp on Wednesday!

Some creativity in my long weekend

Nearly went to Googies today

Great weekend in Watergate Bay

What a nice pub!

Chambers Easter Ales Festival!

Chambers easter ales festival is on all next weekend

Mad Dremel skills

Cider / wine press for sale!

Stewart Lee was very good

Dear secret santa

Limited time for the blog

Pretty mean

I started on cider batch 1

Lovely weekend

Lovely weekend

Cider: bottled

Lovely weekend

Apple scratter for hire

Leas Lift beer and cider festival this weekend!

The cider has come back to life

The Leas Lift Beer Festival

Cider diary

You can buy a still to make your own vodka on ebay

You can buy a still to make your own vodka on ebay

What's a small demijohn called?

Strange brew

Going to home brew me some cider

Another cracking day today

A nice pair

Spectacular cider, man

Leas Lift Beer Festival 25th and 26th Feb

Real Ale and Cider Festival at Tenterden Station

Kipps' Ale House

The Cider Works

The Just Reproach

Hole in the Wall

The Harp Bar

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