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[bah lost an image :-(]

No idea of this chaps name, but I met him and his friends at the Bizkit Limp Bizkit1 sponsored the day) and 4 Red Bull and Vodkas. I was on the cider, and felt fine, HA LIGHTWEIGHT! Oh yeah, he was only 16 apparently. If this was you, HIYA, I hope you're not dead!

Why am I such a spaz2 and why can't I take pictures properly with this camera? Every picture I take I end up doing a bit of a spazzy3fit and flicking off to one side, so the focus of the picture is mostly cut off...

[bah lost another image :-(]

While I am talking about booze, we are well into Sutter Home Rose at the moment, it's great.

My other favourite bit of the Bizkit Limp Bizkit 1 day was people lighting fires. The mongs4 (who were out in force, because it was free) felt the need to set light to paper cups, and security had to run round putting them out, I'm sure it would have made a great game and watch back in the day. Security were fighting a losing battle to beat the fire starters, one chap was getting quite frantic at

So he stropped and booted the fire, causing cheers. When his security mates turned up, more people were feeding the fire, so they turned the extinguishers on the crowd, ace!

Apart from this, this gig was rubbish. Temple Clause Cooper Temple Clause1 sounded alright, but we couldn't get close enough to the stage to see them, as half of the arena was cordoned off to those with special passes, so we just sat up the back and drank, and then left before Bizkit Limp Bizkit1 came on.

Best response of the day, by far, was when they played The Darkness between bands, hands were in the air all over the show...

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