Blog2011 ≫ I started on cider batch 1

Cider batch 1 was very good! I did not have any beer or anything in yesterday, so although this batch of home brew has had less than the recommended amount of time in the bottle I know it had a lot longer than expected in the demijohn so I knew it was safe. I just had a taste of it rather than quaffing the whole lot, t was very dry, slightly sparkling (not sure how) and definitely cidery. I wish I had started the second batch already, but I have been a bit lazy. Still, got four litres of batch one left which I will try and keep for a while and maybe start batch 2 later today.

Right now we are going our for a walk, it is the National Trust walking festival over at the White Cliffs. Not sure exactly what to expect, except a four mile round trip to the lighthouse and back. We can't take the car or the buggy there, so I expect I will be carrying the boy for a good three and a half miles along the cliffs. And I have a cold now.

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