PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Electric Six, The Crimea and American Analog Set at the Barfly

Right, I messed up my weekly task for Big Brother (AKA Barfly what sit upstairs) so instead of crying in the diary room I am running this news piece for them to make up for it.

If Grandaddy ever had the inclination to trim their beards and tidy themselves up, they'd probably produce records like American Analog Set. Their new album 'Promise Of Love', is full of soothing melodica that practically collapses under its own humility. Indeed, they promise love, and a whole lot more.

Playing Barfly London "Ones To Watch" Monday 16th June get tickets here...

XFM are bringing Electric Six's dynamite boogie to the legendarily sweaty confines of the Camden Barfly. Hot on the heels of a Top Five UK hit with Gay Bar, the Detriot sleaze-specialists roll into town on 20th June to play an exclusive show for XFM listeners and competition winners. If you want to be one of the lucky few witnessing the 'Six's blistering live set at close quarters then just stay tuned to 104.9 XFM (or xfm.co.uk) for details of how you can you can blag your way into the gig for nothing... The band recently replaced guitarists Surge Joebot, Rock'n'Roll Indian and bassist Disco with three new members; Johnny Na$hinal, The Colonel and Frank Lloyd Bonaventure, and are once again ready to boogie. With two top five UK hits and a stunning album under their belts, the Electric Six are probably the best party band you're ever likely to see. Beg, bribe or just be lucky by listening to 104.9 Xfm or checking http://www.xfm.co.uk to get tickets to this gig.

Friday 20th June

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For my own part I would have to say The Crimea are playing on the 18th of June (get tickets here, onlyf 5 pounds), they're ace and ably supported by The Koreans too.


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