Blog2011 ≫ Cider: bottled

I have finally bottled batch 1 of my spectacular cider man, I have two two-litre demijohn style bottles, and a half litre plastic bottle. It's taken so long partly because I couldn't find the time to do it, but mostly because it was still fermenting so I thought it'd be OK to leave. Now to leave the cider in a cool dark place in the bottle with a little more sugar in for some secondary fermentation. Everywhere is going to be cold and dark for the next month, the weather has really gone off the boil again.

I was going to make some labels for the bottles, but might now save this until I get a bottle capper and put some in normal glass bottles. Hoping to find a picture from Viz, there was a strip called Brown Bottle and I think there was a character who appeared once called Spectacular Cider Man. Probably going to put more effort in to the label than the cider... Not going to invest in any more equipment until I see if this is drinkable. Going to get more apple juice today though and kick off batch 2.

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