Blog2004 ≫ Pixies review

Pixies were amazing last night at Brixton... Can't remember what opening song was (see the earlier point about the cider), but I'm sure number two was something fast like "Crackity Jones", then it was a continuing barrage of aceness... We did get "Monkey Gone To Heaven", and "Velouria", and I remember screaming along to "Tame" too, but after the fallout of my Cure review, I daren't make too many assertions in case I am hunted down by a more "real fan".

Got some pictures from the gig here and here, mostly I have pictures of me and my friends being drunk though - hey, I bought the ticket, I don't have to do a proper review!

Going again tomorrow and really looking forward to it, anyone else seeing them? It's a long shot, but you could try here or here for tickets for festivals featuring the Pixies.

💬 Pixies

💬 Pixies

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