Blog2004 ≫ BACON

Really got to remember this time, I DO NOT LIKE THE ANGELIC in Islington... It seems nice enough as a pub, but each time I've been there smy pint's been a bit funny, and I've had to return it... now this time they had no draught beers at all (have they given up?), only lagers, and not even a draught cider. And there was nowhere to sit. Final straw is that they insisted this was the vege roast potatoes and that wasn't, but they all had bacon in them. We only went there to eat before the David Devant gig, and didn't have time to get anything else. It was a good and rare opportunity to meet up with some friends, but even that led me to think "we used to do this all the time", which is now making me feel a bit worse for not being a better friend! Man there's a dark cloud over me today...

💬 Less bacon, more David Devant

💬 last nite

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