Blog2004 ≫ It's absolutely pleuting it down

manor road accident Hope it's not rained so heavily down in Somerset... Oh no, wait, I'm not off to [Glastonbury](/wiki/#glastonbury) this year! There is much we will miss I'm sure, drinking tea and that in the Wise Crone Cafe, and failing to meet up with people by [the cider](/wiki/#cider) [bus](/wiki/#bus), particularly. [BUT](/wiki/#bus), there will be know putting up or taking down of a tent in some mud!

[BBC's webcam]( looks a bit wet.

The rain maybe caused an [accident](/wiki/#accident) sometime just at our bit of [Manor Road](/wiki/#manor/road), where we get the 106 - several of the huge metal bollards had been ploughed through, and the pavement had been ripped up. Anyone stood there at the time would have been in serious trouble, but there was no sign of a wrecked vehicle. Maybe it was a [bus](/wiki/#bus)?
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