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Sandwich Road, Waldershare, Kent, CT15 5AU 01304 821630

14 King Street, Deal, Kent, CT14 6HX

15 The Old High Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1AT

Unit 1, Riverside Industrial Estate, West Hythe Road, CT21 4NB

, 36 Great Southsea Street, Southsea, PO5 3BY 02392 298085

Chandos Place, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4HS 020 7836 0291

Live music from Cultured Pearl, The Black Sheep, and The Elbeats. All day barbecue, local foods and Kentish ciders.
This is too close to my house not to go to... on Saturday and Sunday of the bank holiday weekend.
171 Seabrook Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5RT 01303 239024 [2015-05-23 2015]

Cider fest on all weekend, can we make it..? Basement Business Premises, 98 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, CT20 2BE 01303 223333 [2017-08-26 2017]

Food and cider fest at this ace venue, cleverly not at the bank holiday weekend like everyone else... Unit 1, Riverside Industrial Estate, West Hythe Road, CT21 4NB [2071-09-09 2071]

Cider festival on all weekend with music, local cider and real ale and a barbcue 171 Seabrook Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5RT 01303 239024 [2016-05-28 2016]

Cider festival with music, on for two days (23rd + 24th) get in!
Brogdale Farm, Faversham, Kent 01304 204759 [2014-08-23 2014]

Quite a full day Went to Hythe to get food for tea, their Mumbai Street Co frozen curry dishes for me, and... [Sat 7 April 2018]

Thursday night beer festival I did go to the Chambers Easter Ales Festival in the end, and it was good. Was working from... [Tue 3 April 2018]

Saturday late night out out with boxing After the Seagull I went with Dad to the Delme for a nightcap and had a couple of good... [Sun 1 April 2018]

Saturday night tea at the Seagull Yeah the zero star Seagull! We risked it and it was fine, had some nice Sauvignon Blanc in... [Sun 1 April 2018]

Saturday shopping extravaganza Clare and I went shopping at Gun Wharf , on the bus. Was busy around and about, glad we didn't... [Sun 1 April 2018]

Friday night in the Crown Not the TV show but the Wetherspoons in Fareham. We were running REALLY late because of the... [Sun 1 April 2018]

Dinner in Ask Met with Andy and family for dinner in Ask Italian and that was lovely. We were a bit late... [Sun 1 April 2018]

Awesome weekend Just back from a splendid weekend at Mum and Dad's. Had a fairly rotten drive down there, bad... [Sun 1 April 2018]

Lunch in Tibits the next day Tibits is great, serve yourself from a very fancy vegan buffet, you pay for your food by... [Sun 18 February 2018]

Gig was good Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast was good. Three guests, in a chat show... [Wed 14 February 2018]

Dinner at Masala Zone We went to Masala Zone at 5pm, which is just at the end of their lunch menu and before their... [Wed 14 February 2018]

We got a rum punch We walked from the hotel to Carnaby Street to Rum Kitchen so Clare could get her Rum Punch... [Wed 14 February 2018]

We stayed at a Premier Inn Hub This was a great hotel for us, we got a room for 瞿47. The rooms are packed in to this hotel very... [Wed 14 February 2018]

I dragged Clare into The Harp She was looking for a Rum Punch or an Espresso Martini so we headed to a place that had good... [Wed 14 February 2018]

We had some vegan pasta for lunch We had an early and light lunch so we'd have room to fit everything in, some pasta in Coco di... [Wed 14 February 2018]

Awesome non-weekend weekend in London For Christmas Clare bought me tickets to Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (... [Wed 14 February 2018]

Friday has come round again very quickly Nice, will be heading to the Inn Doors again after work today, though will probably not drink... [Fri 15 December 2017]

Portchester cider and sausage festival was awesome When we finally got tickets and worked it all out the cider festival was awesome. First... [Mon 23 October 2017]

Good trip to Mum and Dad's Went straight after school on Friday, took the afternoon off, so were waiting outside the school... [Sun 22 October 2017]

Cider Fest tickets buy or sell The cider festival we have been aiming for tonight is SOLD OUT but Kerry found a local website... [Sat 21 October 2017]

Portchester cider and sausage festival I must admit I am more interested in the cider at this event , I think the sausages are merely... [Thu 14 September 2017]

I should have titled that one "Come On Ailleen" Anyway it is all calm again here, the storm has passed... [Thu 14 September 2017]

When you name these storms, it makes them stronger It was Storm Aileen that was making a proper racket last night, kept us awake. Got another... [Wed 13 September 2017]

I possibly put on 2.5kg over the weekend Hmm, according to fitbit just before the weekend I was at my lowest ever weight (following a... [Mon 11 September 2017]

60mph winds on the way to the UK Felt like serious wind here last night, I went for a walk along Princes Parade after our fun... [Mon 11 September 2017]

Can I carry over some of yesterday's steps to today? Had a full day yesterday of festivals. Not the real festival that everyone else was at, seeing... [Mon 28 August 2017]

Bike ride to West Hythe Fitbit sort of worked with my phone to track the route back from the awesome Unit One bar we... [Sat 19 August 2017]

Awesome fathers day It's been a great weekend already, and this morning I had a lie in and breakfast in bed... [Sun 18 June 2017]

Bank holiday Had an action packed Saturday, went to Tenterden , not at ten to ten but about 11am. It's been... [Mon 29 May 2017]

Beer festival was good Loads of choice of beer and cider , I got a plum porter which was ace, then moved on to rum... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Afternoon in the sun at the Still and West I have never been to the Still and West before. No-one could believe this, everyone has been... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Back to the Old Customs House in a roundabout way The RIB back was even livelier than the way there. The pilot had got the measure of the party... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Drinks at the Fountain (Cowes) Not the pub of that name near us, but the first pub we came to on the Isle of Wight . Had a... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Did the RIB ride as mentioned Had planned not to do the notastagdo RIB ride as it made the numbers better if a couple... [Mon 15 May 2017]

#notastagdo weekend was awesome Obviously what happens on a notastagdo stays on a notastagdo . But as a group of now middle... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Bank holiday pub crawl 3 (or was it 2) Bathtub and Gunn Took a walk down to the Harbour Arm , or rather I dragged my buddy down there. He was tired, had... [Mon 24 April 2017]

Bank holiday pub crawl 2 (or was it three) Kipps My first of two trips to Kipps in a week, enjoyable place to sit and chat, I had a paddle of... [Mon 24 April 2017]

Bank holiday pub crawl 1) Chambers Easter Ales Fest Had some DFL friends in town so the one who was not breastfeeding came out to the pub with me... [Mon 24 April 2017]

On our night out we went to 3) Kipps Ale House Nice place, last stop. They do vegan food here too, we had a strange flapjack "power bar"... [Sun 23 April 2017]

On our night out we went to 2) Follies (on the harbour arm) Pizza , at Follies on the Harbour Arm . Really does not look like anything is going to be... [Sun 23 April 2017]

On our night out we went to 1) The Inn Doors Very nice to go in the Inn Doors with the wife, generally I go on my own. Nice to see literally... [Sun 23 April 2017]

Awesome tidy gardens Mum and Dad have done an amazing job this weekend - came to visit, even though we could not... [Sun 23 April 2017]

I didn't spend the whole bank holiday in the pub, but I did get in three more pubs that I have not mentioned yet, I will report back individually... [Tue 18 April 2017]

Walked to gymnastics today I left work early, owed a couple of hours so I took them. Plan was to race to the pub and sit and... [Fri 17 March 2017]

So lots of weekend activity Clare was working on Saturday, and we needed the car so all had to be up early driving her in. We... [Mon 19 September 2016]

Actually I don't have many more details of the weekend that I've not covered elsewhere Clare worked Sunday and Monday. We got the bus into Folkestone on the Monday, primarily to go to... [Wed 31 August 2016]

Backspace is my new favourite thing in Folkestone Went back to Back-space mini market in Folkestone on the bank holiday to get my lunch, and... [Wed 31 August 2016]

Number one son got run over yesterday - apart from that it was a good day Fool on a pushbike ran into number one son while we were walking through (the 100% pedestrianised... [Tue 30 August 2016]

Very windy at Sandgate Festival A little light rain this morning, was not looking good for the bank holiday Sunday with just me... [Sun 28 August 2016]

A huge walking day on Saturday Did 22,600 steps on Saturday, that might be a record for me. Went to Wickes in the morning to... [Sun 17 July 2016]

This fruit press looks a good deal Collect from Dover ... I have no apples to press yet, no fruit on our apple tree this year,... [Mon 11 July 2016]

Some updates from slack These days I post most of my thoughts on Slack instead of here, we have a channel there with a... [Sat 28 May 2016]

There's been an update add "dtoverlay=w1-gpio" to your /boot/config.txt [Tue 26 January 2016]

Splendid afternoon on Folkestone Harbour Arm Follow our progress here ... a surprisingly sunny day, I thought there was supposed to be an... [Sun 30 August 2015]

More pub action The boys asked to go to The Fountain after tea yesterday, so how could we say no? There is a... [Thu 18 June 2015]

The next supper club date is set for Sunday, August 2nd at The Firkin Alehouse in Cheriton Place The next supper club is announced, from A Crust Eaten : We're hoping to do a grilling menu... [Thu 11 June 2015]

Oh, I already did... Just got the computer out to write a little little comment / review about last night's supper... [Mon 1 June 2015]

Fabulous supper club tonight Splendid dinner tonight from A Crust Eaten . Not quite the same relaxed welcome we got from... [Mon 1 June 2015]

Cider Fest at The Fountain was great It's still going on I suppose, but so far it's been great. I called in to The Fountain yesterday... [Sun 24 May 2015]

Mexican Supper Club at Kipps Ale House 31st May Sounds great, unlikely to be vegan friendly so who knows if I'll be there, though I'd love to... [Wed 25 March 2015]

VW Split Screen for sale in Hythe Not sure what made me look for vw split screen vans tonight, apart from the cider I just... [Sat 7 February 2015]

How's my brewing? How to monitor temperature of your home brew (or anything) with raspberry pi... [Tue 3 February 2015]

Oh also we went back to the Cider Works We had breakfast out at the Cider Works in Eythorne, and it was lovely again. That's a... [Mon 22 December 2014]

It's brewing time! I went in the new home brew shop in Folkestone today, and bought some beer making stuff! Time... [Sun 14 September 2014]

I really like the look of this VW van There's something nice and genuine about this one , it's not a show winner, it just looks... [Sun 31 August 2014]

Lovely day Had a spectacular fun packed day today. Even though it was Clare 's lie in she agreed to get up... [Sun 31 August 2014]

London midweek weekender part six In which Harry just about makes it onto the London Eye [Wed 27 August 2014]

Anniversary night out part 5 Kipp's is more my sort of place, Clare liked it too. I had a sampler of ciders , three 1/3... [Mon 18 August 2014]

Ooh cider festival on the bank holiday! I'm sure there are lots of things going on this bank holiday but Clare says we can go to... [Fri 15 August 2014]

Land Rover Safari, Micropub, swimming... What a great day! Did my Land Rover Safari on Dover cliffs, it was great and fascinating. Lots... [Sat 28 June 2014]

Yet another bank holiday weekend with no DIY Another long weekend coming up, but Clare is working again, so there's a good chance I will... [Fri 23 May 2014]

Excellent ebay bargain complete cider making kit Some expensive kit here however as I just denied the wife the luxury of a new makeup brush I am... [Tue 13 May 2014]

Portsmouth pub crawl 6 - The Hole In The Wall Back to pub four on our Portsmouth pub crawl maybe starting to get a little hazy here... we... [Tue 25 March 2014]

Portsmouth pub crawl 4 - The Hole In The Wall It could have looked like a sign that our Portsmouth pub crawl was not to be at this stage -... [Tue 25 March 2014]

Good things about my bonus day off part 3 While waiting for my MOT I went in Beano's for an hour, but then when the car failed I had... [Wed 19 February 2014]

Round up of the best London pubs Saving this one for later , 's ten best craft beer pubs in London. So not all... [Thu 30 January 2014]

Our kitchen tap broke The cold water tap in the kitchen just broke, handle spinning and no longer controlling the... [Fri 24 January 2014]

Dream day out I had a christmas present yesterday, tickets to see Stewart Lee 's new show Much A-Stew About... [Sun 19 January 2014]

Itching to get to the pub I had a peek through the windows of Kipps Ale House on Sunday, the new pub at the top of the... [Wed 15 January 2014]

The Florence Arms On our big weekend out our hotel The Florence House Hotel was right opposite a pub The... [Fri 27 December 2013]

Good range of beer + wine making kit for sale locally! This is not mine , though I did just stash all mine in the loft for a while. [Mon 4 November 2013]

Ooh bargain fruit press in Hythe Do I want this ? Can I justify it by saying I spent a lot less on the new tv than I might have... [Wed 18 September 2013]

Leas Lift beer festival next weekend Follow @leasliftbeer for more info 20th - 22nd September! I like the stop motion animation on... [Wed 11 September 2013]

Chambers Easter Ales Festival 2013 Going to this, looking forward to it! From March 2013 [Wed 20 March 2013]

More local thrills As you will know I never go out these days but there are a couple of local excitements coming up,... [Sun 10 March 2013]

I might get to go to The Harp on Wednesday! I'm in London for the night, will see if I can squeeze in a visit to this great pub: Looking... [Mon 4 March 2013]

Some creativity in my long weekend I did not achieve much over the last few days, but I did start a new brew of cider , and I did... [Mon 21 January 2013]

Nearly went to Googies today I like the idea of frugal 'til february , a nice cheap set menu from Chambers in Folkestone! [Sat 19 January 2013]

Great weekend in Watergate Bay Been to Cornwall with the weekend with the boys, not Newquay , but near Newquay , Watergate... [Mon 1 October 2012]

Fabulous lunch at the Black Horse today Just had a GREAT lunch at the Black Horse , Monks Horton . Carvery meat for everyone else, but... [Sun 19 August 2012]

What a nice pub! Went to Lathe Barn for a birthday party on Saturday lunchtime and took the opportunity to call... [Mon 28 May 2012]

Chambers easter ales festival is on all next weekend Lots of real ale and cider and a quiz on the Sunday night too. Hope we can get a babysitter... [Sat 31 March 2012]

Mad Dremel skills Just got started on my big batch of home brew with the goodies I got for christmas. Needed to get... [Sat 17 March 2012]

Cider / wine press for sale! Man alive this is a good lot of stuff, what a shame I don't have the space for more clutter... [Sun 11 March 2012]

Stewart Lee was very good Stewart Lee is always very good, this was no exception, it was great. I love his "this is not... [Sun 29 January 2012]

Dear secret santa We're doing "secret santa" in the family again this year, this is the email I sent around, in... [Sun 20 November 2011]

Limited time for the blog No time to write anything this wee, at least this means the week is going quickly. Would normally... [Wed 16 November 2011]

Pretty mean My instinct is is to punish you for your cheeky comments by making you drink some of my home... [Sun 23 October 2011]

RE: I started on cider batch 1 you can drink cough mixture straight away you dont have to wait!!!!!!! [Sun 23 October 2011]

I started on cider batch 1 Cider batch 1 was very good! I did not have any beer or anything in yesterday, so although... [Sun 23 October 2011]

Lovely weekend Saturday afternoon Harry and I got the bus in to Folkestone and I let him lead me around the town... [Mon 10 October 2011]

Cider: bottled I have finally bottled batch 1 of my spectacular cider man , I have two two-litre demijohn... [Sat 8 October 2011]

Lovely weekend THAT'S how busy it is, Tuesday lunchtime before I get round to thinking about what a lovely... [Tue 27 September 2011]

Apple scratter for hire ... [Sat 24 September 2011]

Leas Lift beer and cider festival this weekend! Starts tonight, free entry, 90p for the lift but take your CAMRA card and you ride for free. If... [Fri 23 September 2011]

The cider has come back to life After "racking" the cider the other day I thought maybe it would stop fermenting, but NO! It is... [Thu 22 September 2011]

Cider diary What is this, day eight of my home brew cider experiments? Finally got round to "racking" the... [Tue 20 September 2011]

You can buy a still to make your own vodka on ebay It's legal to buy and legal to sell but if you want to use this home still to make your own... [Thu 15 September 2011]

What's a small demijohn called? Home brew equipment for sale near me! [Tue 13 September 2011]

Strange brew 2.79 per pint for my home brewed cider so far... [Tue 13 September 2011]

Going to home brew me some cider My favourite cider s seem to have disappeared from our local shops. I have got quite in to the... [Sat 3 September 2011]

Another cracking day today Must stop reusing the phrase cracking day , but the weather is looking really good for our four... [Thu 21 April 2011]

Chambers beer and cider festival on all weekend! This is one of the highlights of my year, I'm sorry that I can't be there for more of it but I'll... [Wed 20 April 2011]

A nice pair Two lovely tables. [Thu 3 March 2011]

Further news and reviews from the FIRST Leas Lift Beer Festival Sounds like there will be a second beer festival, in the summer! [Mon 28 February 2011]

Spectacular cider, man Leas Lift beer festival was good [Sat 26 February 2011]

Leas Lift Beer Festival 25th and 26th Feb Nearly missed this one: THE LEAS LIFT BEER FESTIVAL Live Six Nations Rugby Abigale... [Fri 18 February 2011]

Made it to London and back in the snow (part one). Had a great time [Sun 19 December 2010]

RE: Are you in Eleven Eleven, or just street teaming for them? Haha Have To Say That Would Be Some Shameless Street teaming promo on my behalf there lol!!! Yeah... [Wed 19 August 2009]

RE: Hevy a (damp) success! Loved your photo's of Folkestone Harbour. [Sun 9 August 2009]

Are you in Eleven Eleven, or just street teaming for them? I must admit I did not see any of the bands on the local bands stage. At least they played in the... [Mon 3 August 2009]

RE: Hevy a (damp) success! Was An Awesome Day once i arrived as of traffic on m25 and m20 but had a great day!! Ash were... [Sun 2 August 2009]

Hevy a (damp) success! So the first annual Hevy festival came to pass, and I think it was a success! Concerns about... [Sun 2 August 2009]

Real Ale and Cider Festival at Tenterden Station 27th June, bands and morris dancing , details on [Wed 13 May 2009]

cool link cool link [Sat 11 December 2004]

To our Dave (Preece) Got the word that you's part of the GLC, which has flipped young Isaac (aka Cornetto 'cos of his... [Thu 14 October 2004]

GLC crew OK this is how it goes: Eggsie - sings 1st verse in guns dont kill... & is the robot in half man... [Sun 3 October 2004]

It's absolutely pleuting it down Hope it's not rained so heavily down in Somerset... Oh no, wait, I'm not off to Glastonbury... [Wed 23 June 2004]

RE: Insane in the Chain That picture is of Maggot (the modern day Fagin). He tried to pick my pocket at the Metro during... [Sat 7 February 2004]

That's P Zane with the beard 2000AD AKA Two Hats , was the one wearing 2 hats... I was stood a long way back and the sound... [Fri 6 February 2004]

I thought that was Adam Hussain in the visor Isn't that Eggsie at the front? [Fri 6 February 2004]

RE: Insane in the Chain This spa was right in front of me. Don't know his name either...( 2000AD ?). Which one is... [Fri 6 February 2004]

RE: Insane in the Chain Not sure which of the GLC is this clart, but he was a bit crazy in the brain...took this... [Fri 6 February 2004]

RE: Insane in the Chain Here's Adam Hussain , going insane at the front. The one on the left is Mystical . Don't... [Fri 6 February 2004]

RE: Insane in the Chain That there be The Maggot! (you can just about see 2 Hats behind him, too). [Fri 6 February 2004]

RE: Insane in the Chain Here's a picture I took at the Goldie Lookin' Chain gig on Tuesday in Metro's . I think... [Thu 5 February 2004]

cider and black? STUDENT! [Thu 5 February 2004]

RE: Insane in the Chain Is that what they drink at GLC gigs - cider and black? [Wed 4 February 2004]

Insane in the Chain I muchly enjoyed Goldie Lookin' Chain at Metro last night, here are some pictures: [UPDATE:... [Wed 4 February 2004]

Cider-Tastic MJ Hibbet plays Taunton Chambers on Wednesday night... [Mon 23 July 2001]

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