My bad maths to blame for my variable running pace

I have published my slack-fitbit-wifi thing

Added a service worker

Still doing old school web design

Considering ditching Jekyll for Metalsmith

Productive day

Quizmonkey now with added Vue.js

Quizmonkey update!

Boring for you but amusing to me

update star ratings here to use fewer html elements

Rewriting my GEDCOM processor in javascript

Sped up the site with javascript event delegation

And down to 1898 bytes now

Tiny javascript microlibrary

I just used chai-as-promised for the first time

More beacon fun

Quite a productive few days here

I could have predicted who I'd get in the Strictly sweepstake

Day 15 of not not drinking

Day 13 of not not drinking

Request Idle Callback

5/8 of the way through my mid-holiday break

This website is much faster than it used to be

Saving for later: JAWS

Think I have properly sped up this site today

Yeah turns out I'm using more than I thought

Getting rid of jquery

Thinking of getting a Pebble smart watch

Playing a DVD in the browser

Post loading javascript

Experimenting with deferred css loading

Js2coffee helps you migrate projects to CoffeeScript

We're hiring another web developer

Do you want to be a software tester?

HXTracer again

Spending the day writing Selenium tests in nodejs

Amazing 1k javascript game


Code combat

Good questions to ask when interviewing

Intro to nodejs

Can you javascript under pressure?


Hot hot hot


Vows skeleton test generator update

Vows skeleton test generator

Code stuff I like this week

Fun html5 face recognition

First draft of node pagespeed module, for HX Hackday

nodejs express layout issue (how should I turn the layout off?)

TRON in 219 bytes of javascript

Middleware dependency in nodejs + express

Done my lunchtime walk


Robot house update

Also I made a new game

Graph fun

In London for a conference

Javascript ping

Using nodejs and a smart phone to control a browser game

install perry FTW!

Boring tech stuff

Monkey patching

Why's jquery ajax status not working for me?

How google analytics asynchronous event tracking works, and why it doesn't work

javascript voip (skype) baby monitor ... is undefined

Did I just find an issue with the new jquery .link()?

Day two at FOWA 2010

Good game, good game

oops there's a bug in twitter's new url shortener then

A chum is looking for a full time web monkey

Nice Pacman logo / game on google today!

Does this look like a real skateboard to you?

Anyone written a pbworks plugin?

More Tales From The Tap Room

Free book for the people of Folkestone

Roast potato O'Clock

Lunches for the week all made!

Another successful sleep through the night

Habitat Radius Tallboy

Woohoo eight hours sleep!

Join my team!

Bah, I just wrote my first greasemonkey plugin

Folkestone Library / Amazon plugin

A nice cup of TEA

Chrome Experiment

twfeed.js - twitter feed javascript badge / widget you can use for free

Yes, very simple stuff

Too boring

everything is json these days

Ever feel lacking in skills?

Is my reply button broken?

Guessing it's not all redundancies at the BBC

It's quite good isn't it?

Photo notes

Google Maps hacks

Google Maps API + Thickbox

Been quiet for a few days

My gigography

Hell yeah, encouragement, that's what I need!

Fake GAP voucher

New JSON feed of my blog

Mulled wine! And BEER!

It's called a carousel

Show And Stay

RE: Fullsome weekender - 10562

And now I'm aching

All sounds a bit "non standard" to me

RE: You've not been there long have you? - 10468

jquery is great

xml namespaces in jquery

xml namespaces in jquery

RE: Interactive map of Folkestone - 10316

Up to our HIPs (geddit?!?!?)

Tip top weekend

Wagamama today

Sweet titles revisited


Thursday morning roundup

RE: How'd you get on in London? - 9769


Flickr, now with built in geocoding

RSS fun

Sofa, so good

Done my Javascript referer thing

Day 4, IPOD battery still behaving

What am I, a scone?

It's good to be back, it's good to be back

First full day of knowing my leaving date...

yeah cheers, I think it looks alright too!


Careful with that message board Eugene

slayeroffice | code | image cross fade redux

Weekend report

Sly new coding feature



Traversing the HTML Table with JavaScript and DOM interfaces

More Javascript

slayeroffice | Mouseover DOM Inspector

It's all go today

Yes, ta

Google Maps ?

Upload a file

Got it now, hang on in there if you're interested


Fading mouseover tooltip thing

Gmaps Pedometer

Transparent Google Map

Google Maps API

Google map favelet javascript

Google Maps Google Group

Google Map App

So ebay's pulling the Live 8 tickets

Woo got me The Tears album

Traffic and Rail map

Google Maps Hacking and Bookmarklets

Customising Google Maps

Folkestone Property Prices

Of course I have an RSS feed

Google ups the stakes again

Guide to Using XMLHttpRequest (with Baby Steps) from WebPasties


Amazon favelet

Javascript vector graphics library

Published! Again!

Fixed it now

Not sure why that's broken


Here's my favelet

[insert title here]

Stoke Newington Train Times

DHTML Lemmings

I'm ready for my close up Mr Burton

Monster House


Harvard guide to RSS

Trimming the Apache log

Magic Darts

IPOD Crash

web magic

Bad Javascript on message boards

Javascript snooping

Pirate Streetmap

Bahia De Alcudia

Vegetarian Jack Daniels Kebabs



And the winner is...