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UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: pff that stuff is all long gone.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: All that info below is well out of date, I do have a new PHP based RSS querying thing which I'm using in my AJAX apps now.

Just reasserting what I'm doing with RSS here... my list of feeds from this site can be found here, and here's popex rss. My main blog RSS is at, if you only understand the little graphics here's some: /img/upload/rss2.gif /img/upload/xml.gif /img/icon/firefoxrss.gif...

So what's RSS? Here's my go at explaining it, basically if you have a site that regularly publishes any sort of content (examples of this could be popex news, popex board latest stories, latest stalking heads, etc) then as well as publishing it as a webpage or whatever, you should publish this info in an especially strict format so that any script / bot thing can come along and recognise exactly what's going on... so the RSS for this board is here. So someone else's site could grab that file and syndicate that content. You can get a RSS reader plugin for Firefox1, so you can save RSS as a bookmark and then view them in there... More than that you can get an RSS reader for the IPOD, this is where I got really interested in it. So every day when my IPOD's in it's cradle it's synchronising with various RSS feeds, so that I can read the latest on popex, barfly, popbitch, engadget and all my faves while I'm on the bus or tube... SMART! Update: I'm now using Pocket RSS to synchronise my Pocket PC in the same way.

Got a few other RSS feeds tucked around the place you might have to search for them, won't that be rewarding?.

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