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Reduced my energy usage compared to last week - Health stats 26/6/22 - Booked another part of my grand eurotrip, nearly done now - Feeling the need to counter the daily mail paranoia + lies again - Weather still good for Parkrun - Run stats 25/6/22 - 4'27/K - Sensible pay day spending - Whole lotta Glastonbury - My trip to Prague is losing its shine slightly - Boris Johnson yr boys sure took a beating - Health stats 24/6/22 - Still no gas on my energy graph - Kids doing well at school - Health stats 23/6/22 - I broke something at work - Health stats 22/6/22 - Got my Tesco unlimited everything sim for my phone - Health stats 21/6/22 - Someone else at work has Covid - Weird week, Clare working lates

Paul Clarke's weblog - I live in Hythe near Folkestone. Wed to Clare + dad to 2, I am a full stack web developr, + I do js / nodejs, some ruby, python, php ect ect. I like pubbing, parkrun, restaurants, home automation and other diy stuff, history, genealogy, Television, squirrels, pirates, lego, + time travel.