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This page has links to all my related pages, and hopefully a big old advert too.


Double great news - Health stats 2/3/21 - Health stats 1/3/21 - Artists of the week, commencing Sunday 28th February - Our holiday plans that we did not have are messed up - New IKEA stuff - Nothing to say - Health stats 28/2/21 - Health stats 27/2/21 - Health stats 26/2/21 - A surprising and positive email from Holiday Extras about my shares - Also I am not 67kg - Health stats 25/2/21 - Do not update Mac OSX to Big Sur if you have an Epson ET-2750 printer - Cleared another thing off my shopping list - Nice run after work - Another interesting day on the shares (if you like red) - Health stats 23/2/21 - Stewart Lee gig is also postponed - Exercise stats 22/2/21

Paul Clarke's weblog - I live + work in Hythe. Wed to Clare and dad to two, I am a full stack web developr, + I do mostly javascript / Node, some ruby, other languages ect ect. I like pubbing, parkrun, eating, home-automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, tree stuff, TV, squirrels, pirates, lego, + time travel.