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Brexit is the gift that keeps on giving - Home wifi fixed again - Health stats 27/11/23 - Home wifi still not right since the power outage - Not done badly with the dadmin tasks - Artists of the week, commencing Sunday 26th November - Overwhelming dadmin task list today - Health stats 26/11/23 - Friday night out in Folkestone - Sandgate update - I found a 1991 copy of Sounds - Freezing out today - Run stats 25/11/23 - 5'13/K - New study light switch is in - Health stats 24/11/23 - Wow just realised I do not need a Duolingo app - These so called "Uncle Paul" bags could have clearer branding - Oh yeah that is not the full lineup for Hellfest - Hope that light switch works - People with lower cognitive ability were more likely to vote for Brexit

Paul Clarke's blog - I live in Hythe near Folkestone. Married to Clare + father to 2, I am a full-stack web developr, + I do js / Node, some ruby, other languages ect ect. I like pubbing, running, eating, home automation + other diy jiggery-pokery, history, family tree stuff, Television, squirrels, pirates, lego, + TIME TRAVEL.