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This page has links to all my related pages, and hopefully a big old advert too.


Swimming seems to be the new running - Exercise stats 22/11/20 - 4'50/K - Pizza and cocktails - This den is done! - Health stats 21/11/20 - Still no wine - Exercise stats 20/11/20 - IPOD socks sold - Health stats 19/11/20 - Health stats 18/11/20 - Bought a big new Television - Want to buy a 4G router? - Disappointing takeaway from Market Square - Health stats 16/11/20 - Grim day out today - Artists of the week, commencing Sunday 15th November - Run stats 15/11/20 - 4'38/K - Good day of smart-homing - Exercise stats 14/11/20 - A good day of work

Paul Clarke's weblog - I work + live in Hythe. Wed to Clare + father to 2, I am a full stack web developr, + I do javascript / nodejs, some ruby, python, php ect ect. I like pubs, running, eating, home automation and other diy stuff, history, genealogy, Television, squirrels, pirates, lego, + TIME TRAVEL.