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Absolute bin-food bonanza today - Health stats 19/5/24 - Tempted to do some more work - Ooh last minute free energy - Back to Parkrun - Run stats 18/5/24 - 5'20/K - Health stats 17/5/24 - Health stats 16/5/24 - Health stats 15/5/24 - Could have done with more free energy - Health stats 14/5/24 - The Wanderer returns - Health stats 13/5/24 - I won Eurovision basically - Artists of the week, commencing Sunday 12th May - Health stats 12/5/24 - FYI: We’re reducing yr payments - Aurora Buggerallis - Everyone on the beach today - New bar on Folkestone Harbour Arm

Paul Clarke's blog - I live in Hythe in Kent. Wed to Clare + dad to 2, I am a full-stack web engineer, + I do js / nodejs, some ruby, python, php ect ect. I like pubbing, parkrun, eating, home automation + other diy jiggery-pokery, history, family tree stuff, TV, squirrels, pirates, lego, + TIME TRAVEL.