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This page has links to all my related pages, and hopefully a big old advert too.


This covid is a bit disruptive isn't it? - Successful shop - + we are plumbed - Busy week - Water everywhere - Artists of the week, commencing Sunday 10th October - Did very little with my free day - Parkrun with bonus exercise - Some nice pictures - Car trouble - The absolute shamelessness of it - Did not go to the office, so I did go to school - Got fuel, and not going to the office - Is it risky going into the office this week..? - Artists of the week, commencing Sunday 3rd October - Lovely day in Canterbury in the rain - Even more power to the people - This is a new thing from the bowling alley - Docktoberfest - Thing one having a good day

Paul Clarke's blog - I live in Hythe, Kent. Wed to Clare and dad to two, I'm a full-stack web developr, + I do mostly js / Node, some ruby, other languages ect ect. I like pubbing, parkrun, eating, home automation and other diy stuff, history, tree stuff, Television, squirrels, pirates, lego, and time travel.