Blog2005 ≫ Sly new coding feature

Updated my AJAX selector, the bit of a form that (on here) looks like this:

(there was an image here, but as the post a new reply type bit is long gone it doesn't really matter)

but you can't click that one, it's just an image... Usually when you see one of these on one of my pages it's going to select something from one of my databases, but I put some new functionality behind it so that it can grab things from Amazon where relevant. This means I can easily select a relevant Amazon product to push in your direction!

If you've not seen these boxes before, you type something into it, and then some code behind the scenes finds some things that match. I typed AJAX programming into the box, and the code behind the scenes found these matches at Amazon:

(yeah another long gone image)

I think I hid this option from you, the punter, but maybe now I'll open it up again. [reply]Post a reply / comment[/reply] (and choose "Show me more fields and buttons for this message!) if you want to see this in action. Might be a bit slow, hold tight.

Oh no, I wrote a long boring post about programming again, without giving away any useful information!

UPDATE: All replaced now with jquery.autocomplete.js1.

UPDATE UPDATE: all gone again.

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