Blog2008 ≫ Google Maps hacks

I'm sure you've checked out Saturday's walk around Canterbury by now, I've merged in the photos that I took along the way now too.

Involved a bit of a hack really, Flickr offers a geocoded feed of my photos, and will let me narrow that down to say just my pictures of Canterbury, but for my map on that page I want just the pictures that I took on a particular day. And oddly Flickr don't seem to do a feed by date. The way round it, add another tag when I upload the pictures. Bit fiddly, but it works, so now see all my photos I took that day, which I can then use to make the map (though actually I'm using the json version. As Clare points out, that needs arrows on it, so you can tell easily which way we were going, it's a squiqqly mess of lines at the moment. I quite like this example1, but it involves overlaying images... if I'm just drawing a line between two points, I ought to be able to do it with maths, putting an arrow head on any line by drawing another couple of lines, I'll give it a go...

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