Blog2010 ≫ Anyone written a pbworks plugin?

Can I write plugins or do I just past in some js?

Trying to write a pbworks plugin in javascript. Not really a plugin, but just including a small amount of js in the page as that's all I've figured out how to do so far. Here's my snippet:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
  [jQuery](/wiki/#jquery)( function () {
    [jQuery](/wiki/#jquery).getJSON( '', function ( js ) {
       js.callback( js );
    } );
  } );
</script> returns a json object like

  callback: function( js ) {
    /* some code here */
  data: {
    /* some data here */

all should be good, and is to a point. jquery does the getJSON, executes it, my code runs, but also displays lots of extra crap on the page like

function C(Y, X) { var W = 0; try { this._each(function (a) {, a, W++);}); } catch (Z) { if (Z != $break) { throw Z; } } return this; }
function R(Z, Y, X) { var W = - Z, a = [], b = this.toArray(); if (Z < 1) { return b; } while ((W += Z) < b.length) { a.push(b.slice(W, W + Z)); } return a.collect(Y, X); }
function B(Y, X) { Y = Y || Prototype.K; var W = true; this.each(function (a, Z) {W = W && !!, a, Z);if (!W) {throw $break;}}); return W; }

I am cycling through an array in my own data, is all that extra crap appearing because prototype.js or scriptaculous (which pbworks uses) is extending the array prototype or something? Gah...

UPDATE: answered my own questions, changed some

for ( var i in js ) {

to some

for ( var i = 0; i < l; i ++ ) {

I'd still like to know if I can write a real pbworks plugin though.

js: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I earn a wage.

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