Blog2003 ≫ Javascript snooping

Someone's been playing at posting javascript on my board, I thought it was all covered, it's not so I have some javascript snooping links1 to follow up, see what can be done... Should have stopped saving the password as a plain text cookie a long time ago!

<img onload='document.alert("hey");' alt=js>
<img onload='function test(){alert("hey");} test();' alt=js>
<img onload='function yo(){alert("title: " + document.title + ", cookie: " + document.cookie);} yo();' alt=js>
<img onload='function yo(){alert("hey");} yo();' alt=js>

None of those images do anything here, but maybe they do in other browsers...

js: Programming language of the web, mostly how I make my living.

💬 looks like that works in IE!

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