Blog2012 ≫ mocha and should are fouling everything up suddenly

var mocha = require('mocha');
var should = require('should');
describe( 'mocha', function( ) {
  it( 'should not foul everything up', function( ) {
    var foo = "test";
    foo.should.eql( 'test' );
  } );
} );
✖ 1 of 1 tests failed:
1) mocha should not foul everything up:
  AssertionError: expected { '0': 't', '1': 'e', '2': 's', '3': 't' } to equal 'test'

WHAT is going on? Why does this test not pass?[^Also what is going on with that code style? That's now how I write code now. That was ten years ago though as I write this...

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