PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ sum 41

out in nottingham,UK

Ok, so I went to see sum 41 play at Nottingham Ice arena in Feb. and,after wards I went out to a bar for you know a couple of drinks and stuff. Anyway, there I was, sat at the bar with a couple of mates, when in walks the guys from sum and some other dudes who were with them. They were across the room and went to get their drinks and sat down, you knwo doing the general stuff. My friends, know how obsessed I am about the band, I think they fucking rock. So after alot of encouragement from them (and Jack Daniels!) I plucked up the courage to go over to the band. I went over, they were sat at the bar, further down. I told them I was a really big fan and I just wanted to say that the show they played tonight was awesome. And from then we got talking, they were all really funny - espescially Steve!-they got me very drunk and some other shit happened... I dont think you need to know about that... lets just say it involved one of the dudes and I...

anyways hope that was some help for you. The bar was called 'The Lounge' and its jsut down the road from the club called 'Blueprint'.

Oooh also, Deryck likes to drink JD and coke, cone likes Vodka and orange, Steve drinks anything and Dave's a Vodka guy.


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