Blog2018 ≫ Done some coding

Did a little coding for myself for the first time in a while. For one, shifted my slack-bit run stats updater1 that posts "hey paul just didn't go running again" to our Slack channel from my laptop, to a raspberry pi. When it's on the laptop it only kicks in when the laptop is open, but being on the raspberry pi, that is always on, so it will reliably post each morning. If I do go for a run, it posts the stats, how far, how fast etc.

Also on the same one I rewrote my lightwaverf api in javascript, where it was in ruby. Have not pushed it back to the repo yet so nothing to see. Now it's clear the slow bit is the lightwaverf gem so I will rewrite that too at some point. I did start rewriting it in python for some reason but I think javascript is the best option.

I only rewrote this because it had stopped running on my local network so I lost the option to turn my lights on with the phone. All better and in fact much improved now!

Don't get so much time for this these days!

js: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living.

raspberry pi: Credit card sized super cheap computer, awesome.

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