Blog2004 ≫ Fixed it now

Still got some debugging crap in here:

javascript:function%20s(q){r='';t=0;for(i=0;i<q.length&&r.length<255;i++){c=q.charAt(i);if(c=='<'){t=1};if(c=='>'){t=0};if(!t){r+=c}}return%20r}w=window;d=document;l=location;q='';f='';if(!q&&w.getSelection){q=w.getSelection();f+=''+q+'%250D%250A'}if(!q&&d.getSelection){q=d.getSelection();f+=''+q+'%250D%250A'}if(!q&&d.selection){q=d.selection.createRange().text;f+='d.s'+q+'%250D%250A'}if(!q){q=d.body.innerHTML;f+='d.b'+q+'%250D%250A'}l.href=(''+escape(l.href)+'&mSubject='+escape(d.title)+'&mText='+'%5B%5B'+escape(l.href)+'%5D%5D%250A%250D'+s(escape(q))) Blog posting favelet

had to escape the contents of the select before passing it into the function, the function was getting nothing...

js: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living.

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