Day 4, IPOD battery still behaving

Day 4, IPOD battery still behaving

So, my IPOD opening skills are up to scratch, my web development skills are lacking today. I'm using a new firefox extension that alerts you to memory leak errors in javascript... I have tonnes! I'm going to have to disable it again, as there's no way of whitelisting sites and saying "Don't report on this now".

Um, interesting things to say, I am struggling. Got me a short week this week, looking forward to meeting up with the lads on Friday. If I wasn't so busy this weekend, I think I would be taking my wireless camera set up (currently unplugged) round to the inlaws and training it on my little patch of garden. I am dead curious to see how my seedlings are getting on.

Hmm, alernative camera, bit flipping pricey though!

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Tue May 09 2006

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