Blog2005 ≫ Got it now, hang on in there if you're interested

I added a new thing to the cookie that this board sets, I'm saving the date you last visited. This way I could (in the future) highlight the messages posted since you last visited, compact the main page so that new replies are expanded straight away, things like that. OR, I could just say

hello NAME you last visted on DATE

in a really crap and creepy way. My [cookie](/wiki/#cookie) setting thing broke when I added the new [cookie](/wiki/#cookie).

If you're interested in further reading (as if), here's what I'm doing: Reading cookies with javascript Setting cookies with

It's just like popex here anyway, see how many more comments and responses I get when things are broken! I'm off to break something else...

javascript: Programming language of the web, mostly how I make my living.

💬 thats better

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