Blog2011 ≫ Third day at school

The boy had his third settling in session at nursery today, Clare left him there for nearly two hours. He was OK when she left and while she was away but a little tearful when she came back... he's ramping it up each time, this Friday he's there for the whole morning. Hope he'll be OK, I'm sure he will.

I had a strange dream last night that the boy got stuck inside some sort of machine. We were both inside some kind of factory, I turned my back and realised he was some distance from me, then some platform slipped away he vanished, to reappear trapped inside a sort of plastic bottle. Strange and horrible, I woke up in fear anyway but he is OK.

Got a strange text message from my dad at lunchtime that leads me to believe he is doing a pub quiz, and also cheating at it... this reminds me were are off to the quiz tonight at The Britannia, so LOOK OUT!

Had a full day of nodejs yesterday and am starting my new project in in properly today.

Node: Javascript (programming language of the web) on the server side.

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