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jQuery DOM manipulation, making your life easier...

Just done some fiddling about on the site, rearranged the gigography a tiny bit. Now, first time you go there the big boring explanation of what it's all about should still appear at the top of the page. BUT, here's the clever bit, if you then click on a year to move around it a bit, this bit stays down the bottom of the page, out of your way, you'll not want to read it again probably.

Do you want to see the code for this? Probably not, but still

var r = document.referrer;
if ( r && r.indexOf( "gig" ) == -1 ) {
  // if we came from a page outside of [the gigography](/wiki/#gigography) section
  $('h1.title').after( $('#gigographyExplanation') );
  // move [the gigography](/wiki/#gigography) explanation up to the top just after the title...

The formatting of that looks a lot better when you click through.

Still got lots more old popex news pieces to go through, that will give me clues to just where I was between 1998 and the time I started this blog...

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