Ipod and "ipod" related things, including places, pubs, gigs and blog posts about ipod.If you have anything to contribute regarding ipod that Is not mentioned here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have anything to contribute regarding my tree, local pubs or other places, home automation ipod experiments, homebrew, ale, or appley goodness. Thank you.

RE: 40GB of rubbish heavy metal Hello...see that you have good taste in kids clothes. Heard of Little Ruler,... [Wed 18 November 2009]

RE: IPOD vs Cassette read your blog about you living at Primerose hill and spotting a lot of celebs there. Heard you... [Sun 28 January 2007]

RE: It's rubbish I totally agree - no instructions on how to separate from water or other colours, too fiddly for... [Sun 1 January 2006]

Do you think she's bothered though? [Thu 15 December 2005]

RE: same old The catherine tate show is a good reason to bring back capital punishmentm she is unfunnym she... [Wed 14 December 2005]

search.cpan.org: PDF::Reuse - Reuse and mass produce PDF documents [Fri 25 November 2005]

Mail::Bulkmail - Platform independent mailing list module [Wed 23 February 2005]

New IPOD tomorrow? Engadget says maybe ... I like the idea of Bluetooth , though surely it's too slow to really... [Tue 22 February 2005]

Yeah 9.2 still at the moment I think it can cope with OSX so I will give that a go. [Mon 14 February 2005]

del.icio.us/popular/sparkline del.icio.us/popular/sparkline [Mon 14 February 2005]

Get an ARCHOS!!!! :D Get an ARCHOS!!!! :D [Sat 12 February 2005]

what OS have you got on the iMac? I saw you mentioned os 9 below.. ???

hi man! :)
what OS have you got on the iMac? I saw you mentioned os 9 below.. ??? hi man! :) [Sat 12 February 2005]

Opera to MS: Get real about interoperability, Mr Gates | The Register Opera to MS: Get real about interoperability, Mr Gates | The Register [Sat 12 February 2005]

fyi just in case you didnt realise, if you format the ipod on a mac - pcs cant use it anymore. if you... [Fri 11 February 2005]

osx no I'm suggesting maybe you should download Tiger from bittorrent! [Fri 11 February 2005]

Ooh, it's another Snow Patrol track! Yeah, it would be GREAT dancing at the disco of your IPOD! Don't worry, sorted it now man, lots... [Fri 11 February 2005]

Will do I think there are still some issues with it being partly "locked down", I don't know Macs, so I... [Fri 11 February 2005]

I have amazing musical taste i'll have you know. I have amazing musical taste i'll have you know. [Fri 11 February 2005]

thankfully i found some tunes to listen to on your ipod, don't go putting any rubbish on mine!

You've got quite a few things on yours th...
thankfully i found some tunes to listen to on your ipod, don't go putting any rubbish on mine!... [Fri 11 February 2005]

get osx on it! osx will sort out all these problems. if you cant get hold of that, download and install linux... [Fri 11 February 2005]

IPOD crunch time Got a step further with the IPOD that won't talk to the computer last night, but I fear it was... [Fri 11 February 2005]

iMac latest Got the IPOD to talk to the iMac last night! But still not completely there... the IPOD... [Wed 9 February 2005]

del.icio.us/post del.icio.us/post [Wed 9 February 2005]

del.icio.us/register del.icio.us/register [Wed 9 February 2005]

feed on feeds feed on feeds [Wed 9 February 2005]

del.icio.us del.icio.us [Wed 9 February 2005]

gizmodo - gadgets galore gizmodo - gadgets galore [Wed 9 February 2005]

DUDE! That is the fear I have, especially as we DON'T have everything that's on the IPOD on the... [Tue 8 February 2005]

But you're a bit stuffed when by accident you plug your 40gig Pod into your gf's profile, wipe out your esquisite taste and end up with her crap on... But you're a bit stuffed when by accident you plug your 40gig Pod into your gf's profile, wipe... [Tue 8 February 2005]

Cheers We should be logged in to different user profiles... can't get either computer to recognise one... [Tue 8 February 2005]

pods We live in a two Pod, one PC household. Different XP user profiles handles two separate... [Mon 7 February 2005]

Nice weekend, good to spend some time with friends in Winchester. The journey there wasn't so fun, guess... Nice weekend, good to spend some time with friends in Winchester . The journey there wasn't so... [Mon 7 February 2005]

i wonder why when i leave a post replies disappear? what's so special about me? maybe it's something i... [Tue 25 January 2005]

afternoon haven't listened to music at all on the IPAQ , I have the IPOD with me more often than I am... [Tue 25 January 2005]

well apparently the whole eXeem thing has been a major disappointment. it was billed as a next big step in p2p... [Tue 25 January 2005]

SCUMM SCUMM Virtual machine , game engine for Monkey Island among others [Tue 25 January 2005]

eXeem spyware You're right, how rude, exeem contains spyware ... thought they say on their site "exeem... [Mon 24 January 2005]

exeem check out exeem lite - exeem has some spyware which gets installed without warning (ad stuff... [Mon 24 January 2005]

eXeem eXeem is a brand new Peer-To-Peer program, which is based on the BitTorrent idea. eXeem... [Mon 24 January 2005]

Apple - Are you fed up with them too ? So, after 16 months of owning a G3 iPod, I'm thinking of giving it all up and going back to CDs... [Wed 5 January 2005]

fine thanks although i just have their 1mb service which is provided through bt...unfortunately even though i... [Wed 15 December 2004]

How you getting on with Bulldog DSL btw? [Wed 15 December 2004]

yeah, they're not related though When I get a password for the iMac I might well plug the IPOD into it... My IPOD connects to... [Wed 15 December 2004]

Hmm, having a lot of Apple related computer problems there! Hmm, having a lot of Apple related computer problems there! [Wed 15 December 2004]

It's hard to know It's seeming to make sense that they're trying to control this, the only things I'm doing... [Wed 15 December 2004]

am back from eastern europe bruvs...was proper cold and ting. so isnt it the case that those ipod... [Tue 14 December 2004]

Hmm: "Recently our company released a string quartet tribute to The Darkness. I would love to send yo... Hmm: "Recently our company released a string quartet tribute to The Darkness . I would love to... [Tue 14 December 2004]

Rebrand your IPOD Here's a cool hack from Engadget - How to hack the iPod firmware , changing the graphics... [Thu 9 December 2004]

Chinese Takeaway Following IBM's selloff of their PC dept, are they going to buy Apple? Could they afford it?... [Wed 8 December 2004]

Poor iPod! Someone's taken an IPOD, gutted it, stopped it playing MP3's, put the insides from a toy electric... [Thu 18 November 2004]

iPod IS expensive ...and I'm not a bum without a job :-) I just don't see why I should buy a $400+ device when I... [Wed 17 November 2004]

View Your Inbox [Tue 9 November 2004]

Manage Your Bookmarks. [Tue 9 November 2004]

Todays Popular Bookmarks [Tue 9 November 2004]

Easy mate, It seems I'm getting a bit of a reputation with restaurants !!!!!!

Easy mate, It seems I'm getting a bit of a reputation with restaurants !!!!!! Deano [Tue 2 November 2004]

A cheap box from Mesh Or maybe from Dell if I'm feeling flush... by "media server" I mean music really at the moment, I... [Tue 2 November 2004]

media server / new computer I recently did all this and made a few mistakes myself - its not as easy as it should be I can... [Tue 2 November 2004]

iPod Download I don't use iTunes myself, but I'm sure I will when I have a bigger setup and can sync... [Tue 2 November 2004]

Doc Searls' IT Garage News, ideas and real world stories about how IT folks solve their own problems [Sun 31 October 2004]

Apple - Downloads - iPod iTunes - You Control: iTunes 1.2.3 task bar applet for itunes [Sat 30 October 2004]

If I explain my full strategy, I'd have to kill you Hmm, yes, you're right actually. Still, I think it's ace, and last night I wrote something to... [Wed 27 October 2004]

iPod Photo Didn't see this coming , though engadget.com did, I heard them mention it on their podcast .... [Wed 27 October 2004]

Surely, due to the sheer volume of links the whole sites holds, the pagerank will be too diluted to be of worth? Especially since there is absolute... Surely, due to the sheer volume of links the whole sites holds, the pagerank will be too diluted... [Wed 27 October 2004]

PopEx Control Panel [Tue 26 October 2004]

yeah, I like to share though I'm seeing it a bit as a SEO tool too... [Tue 26 October 2004]

You're such a geek ;)
I keep meaning to get a Delicious account, although I keep my mass of links localy and rarely need them elsewhere.
You're such a geek ;) I keep meaning to get a Delicious account, although I keep my mass of links... [Tue 26 October 2004]

del.icio.us Finally signed up for del.icio.us , my page is at del.icio.us/pauly ... I've been wary of using... [Tue 26 October 2004]

wot about these then? Altec lansing "inmotion" look quite nice only thing is they seem to be battery powered :( [Fri 15 October 2004]

I thought BOSE was ace But I read somewhere that they're not all that... guess what you'd compare them to. Hey, some of... [Wed 13 October 2004]

good but bose, good but incredibly expensive it's not like your recordings are liable to justify the price... [Wed 13 October 2004]

no, it wouldn't be broadcast and it most likely wouldn't be music If I did it I would put together half an hour of non copyright infringing sounds (ie talking,... [Mon 11 October 2004]

Ah, so you can have you own DJ show - sounds like a good idea. Pauly's Top 40 would be broadcast every day to your nearest and dearest to enjoy on ... Ah, so you can have you own DJ show - sounds like a good idea. Pauly's Top 40 would be broadcast... [Mon 11 October 2004]

IPOD meets Bose looks nice , not an ideal solution, but a handy replacement for my temporary... [Mon 11 October 2004]

It's not broadcasting Basically you make yourself a little mix tape (they're saying "in talk show format" as it's OK... [Mon 11 October 2004]

I'm still not up on what Poscasting actually is? At first I thought i was just broadcasting (through the FM transmitter) as a pirate badboy - but n... I'm still not up on what Poscasting actually is? At first I thought i was just broadcasting... [Mon 11 October 2004]

How to get Podcasts and also make your own More on podcasting , from engadget.com ... Hey I have all the necessary, including the... [Fri 8 October 2004]

ipodder.org Looks to be my first mention of podcasts / podcasting... [Fri 1 October 2004]

Never mind, at least you were the 2000th message left on this weblog is the popex server, that might work... beast.popex.com nl.popex.com... [Wed 22 September 2004]

oh bollocks that would be it then...they have blocked popex. whilst im on that subject, what's the... [Wed 22 September 2004]

There's not a lot of colour on the page The style sheet ( CSS ) is loaded from the popex server, so if your work has blocked popex,... [Wed 22 September 2004]

also i'm at work and this website doesnt load the pages properly. basically there's just plain text... [Wed 22 September 2004]

nah, not yet as our local exchange hasnt got the bulldog kit in it yet. do have their 1mbps service though... [Wed 22 September 2004]

Apparently yes That was one of the things I asked, and it seems to be all OK. Maybe check again somewhere else... [Wed 22 September 2004]

one last question i wanted to check the ipaqs all work on the 802.11b standard...if i have a wireless router at home which runs the... [Tue 21 September 2004]

If it needs to be secure, it has to be that one This one is the professional one, the others don't have the security measures on... Not sure of... [Tue 21 September 2004]

do u think it's worth spending the extra on the more expensive one? things i will be using it for: 1.... [Tue 21 September 2004]

Yes, you can I have done, though I don't really use Outlook at work even, so I don't synchronise often... the... [Tue 21 September 2004]

they arent even real hedgehogs---how disappointing anyway, just wondering about your iPAQ...which model did you get? i recall u saying u got the... [Mon 20 September 2004]

Our mushrooms mushrooms! That's wood hedgehogs on the left, then some chanterelles , then a lone porcini... [Mon 20 September 2004]

Folkestone mushroom magic A very satisfying and self sufficient weekend, off to a secret woodland location to hunt for wild... [Sun 19 September 2004]

I do and I think I will [Fri 20 August 2004]

you wanna run your own email server I just installed some spam software on our email server, which was previously unprotected. I've... [Fri 20 August 2004]

It's rubbish Maybe it was just too hard for me to use. On the ads they show people making fantastic... [Tue 17 August 2004]

How can you be against magic sand? It doesn't get wet, now that's magic! How can you be against magic sand? It doesn't get wet, now that's magic! [Tue 17 August 2004]

Email, weemail more like Monster email problems today, seemingly nothing can cope with the amount of spam I'm getting. I'm... [Tue 17 August 2004]

IPOD vs Cassette Time for an injection of STUFF, been neglecting the blog slightly recently. I thought that when I... [Fri 13 August 2004]

Retropod Quick link, retropod.com - retro style protection for your IPOD , made out of a Sony sports... [Mon 9 August 2004]

that's bad news about the office move...i might not now have the opportunity to see you in your optimus prime... [Tue 3 August 2004]

Where'd the site go? Something up at the hosting centre has meant this has been unavailable, and me with so much news!... [Mon 2 August 2004]

IPOD update I thought we third generation IPOD types weren't going to get this ? Ah, that's the updates... [Tue 27 July 2004]

I think, but Ill have to check with my source That it is something to do with the wee. Rats dont like it, and mice dont like rat wee.... [Mon 26 July 2004]

Nice Do mice repel rats then? Or if there are mice around it means they've not been scared off by... [Mon 26 July 2004]

There is one upside to having mice It means you dont get rats. I was talking to our zoologist yesterday and he said that mice have... [Sat 24 July 2004]

iPoo A guide to toilets for the IPOD . Similar to piePod I expect, except they've included some... [Fri 23 July 2004]

Black Beans Black Beans (Not the oriental soy bean used for black bean sauce) Can be bought in sainsbury's. I... [Wed 21 July 2004]

broken CSS As before, it was an error on a previous line in the CSS that was causing the problem. [Tue 20 July 2004]

Lessons for the day Got to figure out why onBlur() isn't working on pulldown menus on the popEx control panel in... [Tue 20 July 2004]

Ah, everyone (including me) linked to the wrong article Here's the one about the new IPOD , not much info in there though. [Mon 19 July 2004]

RSS UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: All that info below is well out of date, I do have a new PHP based RSS... [Mon 19 July 2004]

No - it's real http://www.silicon.com was reporting on it this morning as well. [Mon 19 July 2004]

not on your nelly There is a case for breast enhancement if ever I saw one! [Mon 19 July 2004]

a "friend" screengrabbed it off a mpeg of the film. hehe. [Mon 19 July 2004]

Did you screen grab that yourself? You dirty beggar! My page impressions are going to go crazy now I'm sure. If you're here just... [Mon 19 July 2004]

that's all very well but here's keira knightley naked only gonna be here for a day or two so enjoy while you can [Mon 19 July 2004]

New IPOD What did I say about constant IPOD rumours ? Just after I wrote that, Engadget reported that... [Mon 19 July 2004]

Doh! We just wasted ten of your earth pounds for a set of PC speakers so we can listen to the IPOD... [Sat 17 July 2004]

A different journey in today Got busses all the way for a change, as my travel card's run out and we're off to Folkestone for... [Thu 8 July 2004]

PiePod Ace, a guide to pies for your IPOD . Actually it only covers restaurants in New York , but... [Thu 24 June 2004]

ipod and jogging dont do it. no matter what apples says the ipod does not tolerater running. If your not having... [Mon 21 June 2004]

BBC RSS feeds Lots of RSS feeds from the BBC here ... [Wed 16 June 2004]

Bleb.org Loads of TV listings available as XML at bleb.org ... [Wed 16 June 2004]

Kosso [Wed 16 June 2004]

Freevo Just got a bundle of new ideas from Kosso and others, doesn't this look like it will play a... [Wed 16 June 2004]

Yahoo Mail Maybe it's because I set my "out of office" reply to say "I'm not using this account any more",... [Wed 16 June 2004]

Big Brother RSS feed Getting quite into Big Brother , and combining this with IPOD Agent I'm after finding a Big... [Tue 15 June 2004]

So iTunes Europe launched today That's nice, apple.com/itunes/ isn't responding right now, how odd. Still pleased with the bits... [Tue 15 June 2004]

IPOD Agent Downloaded this at the weekend, and have found it quite ace - it grabs RSS feeds from... [Mon 14 June 2004]

Mobile Clubbing I got it wrong, that flash dancing thing was Victoria not Charing Cross that the flash mob... [Fri 11 June 2004]

I don't think the mini is all that might as well get a proper IPOD . it's meant to be hard to find stuff on popbitch , it's... [Thu 10 June 2004]

ah i understand i can see why they do it...although it's impossible to search for something if u dont have the... [Thu 10 June 2004]

popbitch doesn't want it's site indexed you can turn it off, that's what I was going on about there... see robotstxt.org and... [Thu 10 June 2004]

search engines do u mean that MSN are indexing stuff for their search engines?? in general, how would google... [Thu 10 June 2004]

Another boiler! Lots of things I could do today, but it's hot again in the office, and I feel that's going to be... [Thu 10 June 2004]

The Others I like the sound of The Others , they did a gig on a tube a couple of weeks back.... [Wed 9 June 2004]

IPOD Soft From the people who brought you GoogleGet , here's IPOD Soft , Windows based software for your... [Wed 2 June 2004]

storage for the ipod if you want somewhere to store tunes you could get a removeable drive as well... [Fri 21 May 2004]

IPOD battery FAQ Exactly what it says... [Fri 21 May 2004]

RE: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! i only have 2 pairs and 1 of em is broke. the original ipod ones - which are louder in the left... [Thu 29 April 2004]

FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! What is all this with having more than one pair of headphones? I buy some, I break them / drop... [Wed 28 April 2004]

RE: im not being funny you are correct: you're not being funny i have both the sonys pictured above and the sennheisers... [Wed 28 April 2004]

What 120 quid sony ones? Post a link [Wed 28 April 2004]

im not being funny but those arent as good as the sony ones...the sony ones are grate...although not as good as... [Wed 28 April 2004]

RE: I fixed your html them sony ones are good but I preferred the sennheisers. the problem with the mx500s is they are... [Wed 28 April 2004]

it'll fuck them up, or they'll fuck you up? My audiophile mate here at work says he "burned his in" to get the best out of them, left them... [Wed 28 April 2004]

I fixed your html I have the earbud ones ordered already... what do you reckon's up with them then? Everyone says... [Wed 28 April 2004]

RE: i have those headfones...they're the mutt's nuts init when i said these ones I meant to have a link duh... sennheisers at amazon [Wed 28 April 2004]

RE: i have those headfones...they're the mutt's nuts init I've got these ones and they rock, dont need none of that sony rubbish... [Wed 28 April 2004]

i have those headfones...they're the mutt's nuts init they go RIGHT INTO the ear and the bass is fantastic. would have to advise you not to crank up... [Wed 28 April 2004]

All over bar the shouting Not my words, that's the words of the solicitor... we're aiming to complete on the flat this... [Tue 27 April 2004]

RE: More IPOD rubbish ... [Wed 14 April 2004]

More IPOD rubbish So, I transferred the new David Devant single to the IPOD and only 1 of the three tracks will... [Wed 14 April 2004]

IPOD vs The Ramones My IPOD seems to have some issue with the Ramones . I, uh, encoded some more Ramones albums... [Wed 7 April 2004]

Memepool Fifty grand's worth of comic here , all scanned in, thanks to memepool.com for that link,... [Sat 27 March 2004]

Cry me an iRiver Lovely just seen someone contemplating buying one of these new iRiver mp3 playing devices via... [Tue 16 March 2004]

Ha, neither! Both off Box Frenzy though... [Fri 5 March 2004]

RE: Engadget ...and I bet they were Def Con One and Beaver Patrol. Oh yes - iPods have built in taste-engines! [Fri 5 March 2004]

Anapod update I use anapod to organise my IPOD , and it's great. It looks like a regular explorer window but... [Fri 5 March 2004]

Engadget Blog wars, someone's just been lured away from gizmodo.com to start engadget.com , all quite... [Thu 4 March 2004]

DIY IPOD battery pack nice idea here from drewperry.co.uk ... a few more IPOD hacks on that site too, like how to... [Tue 2 March 2004]

IPOD Game Just getting some photos off the camera and I found this pic of my high score on the IPOD , is... [Sun 18 January 2004]

Right royally rogered popex Been struggling all day to put popex back on it's feet, I messed up some code, and have found... [Thu 8 January 2004]

IPOD Mini Nah, it'll never catch on ... They look cute, but I thought the rumour was the new IPOD 'd be... [Wed 7 January 2004]

Chart update DotMusic haven't updated their charts for two weeks now, wonder if anything's up there...... [Mon 5 January 2004]

Anapod Going to install Anapod for the IPOD today, because I'm not happy with the exploring... [Sat 3 January 2004]

GTKpod Something to check out when I get back to work, installing GTKPOD so I can use the IPOD under... [Sat 3 January 2004]

IPOD For Dummies IPOD and iTunes for dummies , get started with your IPOD . [Sat 3 January 2004]

Secrets of the IPOD Secrets of the IPOD . Another book, about the IPOD . [Sat 3 January 2004]

The Missing Manual IPOD - The Missing Manual , get the most out of your IPOD . [Sat 3 January 2004]

IPOD Get a 40GB IPOD , 10,000 songs in your pocket. The one like mine is discontinued. Collectable! [Sat 3 January 2004]

Thanks for the Google Get feedback I've tried running when kazaa is not running, but still no joy. Good to know there is a debug... [Sat 3 January 2004]

And now I'm home Very speedy journey travelling just after the rush hour, commuting every day is such a waste of... [Fri 2 January 2004]

RE: Runtime error 5:at 0040437 F [Wed 31 December 2003]

IPOD Wallpaper Keep seeing the phrase IPOD wallpaper bandied about, and started to think there might be a way... [Mon 29 December 2003]

RE: Google News hey, i'm the creator of googleget and if you're still having this problem then i'd be interested... [Sun 28 December 2003]

IPOD Crash Seem to have bummed my IPOD , by loading too much into the "notes" folder, possibly too many... [Sun 28 December 2003]

Syndication for the IPOD I've made this weblog available for my IPOD , here ... not sure how useful that will be, but I... [Tue 23 December 2003]

Poodle Rock Popbitch take to the decks at Poodle Rock , just down the road at On The Rocks , Kingsland... [Tue 9 December 2003]

Quicktime STILL can't watch it here, Quicktime won't install on here : ( [Sun 30 November 2003]

Popdex Not to be confused with my very own popex.com , Popdex is an index of websites, rated by how... [Fri 28 November 2003]

IPOD's Dirty Secret Not sure what IPOD's Dirty Secret actually is, there's a .mov file there, but it's not playing... [Fri 28 November 2003]

wahey I met them yesterday , they signed a silver rizzla packet for me... [Wed 12 November 2003]

Fixed it at last! [Sat 8 November 2003]

They were right! Music match has stopped recognising my IPOD! Could be coincidence, but I tried to install... [Fri 7 November 2003]

IPOD Engraving Wish I'd put something funnier on mine, but something that would have still been funny forever...... [Thu 6 November 2003]

Five reasons not to believe "five reasons not to buy an IPOD" It's good that someone is the devils advocado I suppose, but don't let this put you off owning a... [Thu 6 November 2003]

Google News Google Get still won't connect to the web, but I can open Google News in a browser... [Thu 6 November 2003]

Looks like it almost worked I have 300 odd MP3's of almost zero length, tagged up here , that make some sort of gig guide,... [Tue 4 November 2003]

MP3 ID3 tagging in PERL I want to do some MP3 tag manipulation in PERL, so these notes from husk.org will come in... [Tue 4 November 2003]

RE: A mate contribute: Nah that was just a wind up by them that fooled heat magazine [Sun 2 November 2003]

RE: IPODing ipodlounge is the best ipod site in the world... more content than any other ipod site [Fri 31 October 2003]

Pocket Things Pocket Things has some interesting IPOD features, real hacks this time, apparently there's a... [Tue 28 October 2003]

Goldie Lookin' Chain Today I am mostly listening to Welsh Rappers Goldie Lookin' Chain , you knows it... Stocked up... [Tue 28 October 2003]

A mate contributes: Goldie Lookin' Chain supported the Super Furry Animals the other week - they finish with a... [Tue 28 October 2003]

same old half a day of barfly, including the meeting , and half a day of popex [Tue 28 October 2003]

Order, ORDER! Aha at last, they have asked me to help in providing listings and that for Order magazine ,... [Tue 28 October 2003]

Won't connect to the web Doh! Of course I'm online... [Mon 27 October 2003]

IPOD Library IPOD Library is an e-book manager for the IPOD, it reads various format files and gets round... [Mon 27 October 2003]

GoogleGet More things to check out; GoogleGet is some sort of aggregator that will get news from... [Mon 27 October 2003]

New IPOD feature The new IPOD game available with software version 2.1 is brilliant, I installed it last... [Fri 24 October 2003]

Apple IPOD The new version of the IPOD software features voice menus, digital photo storage, enhanced... [Thu 23 October 2003]

iTunes Aha, now he's DEAD SET on getting an IPOD again... Must do some browsing at apple.com later,... [Thu 23 October 2003]

Runtime error 5: Well, that was fun... "runtime error 5", "invalid procedure call or argument" when I try and run... [Mon 20 October 2003]

Weather For Me Will have a look at this when I get home... Probably too American to be of any use to me, but... [Mon 20 October 2003]

Fuzzy Artist Matching Nice, got my Barfly public facing artist page working now, so that a URL like... [Mon 20 October 2003]

Sony UX50 Mate at work has flip-flopped his way back to NOT buying an IPOD now, and he's going to get... [Mon 20 October 2003]

IPOD Lounge ipodlounge.com , more IPOD based malarkey. [Thu 16 October 2003]

IPOD Hacks Some neat tips and links at ipodhacks.com , but no actual hacks yet for the 3rd generation IPOD... [Thu 16 October 2003]

IPODing ipoding.com seems to have much the same content as IPOD Hacks and IPOD Lounge ... Still... [Thu 9 October 2003]

IPOD Found some sites, to check out at leisure... haven't actually found any "hacks" here yet:... [Thu 9 October 2003]

Day two of IPOD fun Figured out the IPOD band index duplicates , it was down to rogue spaces at the end of the... [Tue 7 October 2003]

40GB of rubbish heavy metal WOO! The IPOD turned up today! And after all the worry of it going astray in the post or... [Mon 6 October 2003]

More tasks Sending out an extra popex mail, with a plug for the MTV2 Gonzo tour of Barfly venues ... [Fri 3 October 2003]

The things you see when you don't have your camera Hmm, actually it was only a crane on a truck picking up a car to paint double yellow lines under... [Fri 3 October 2003]

Three wheeled off road baby buggies This is why there are so many of them; according to BBC news In London's Stoke Newington -... [Thu 25 September 2003]

Another burst main on Regents Park Road another regurgitating drain on regents park road Now I have taken one picture, I just can't... [Wed 17 September 2003]

Excitement Did some work on Clare's family tree , she's related to Harry Clarke the artist , but not... [Mon 15 September 2003]

Todays tasks Had a big meeting. Worked on popex stats . Integrated Google ads into popex . Worked on the... [Wed 10 September 2003]

A good night's sleep No, not actually a good night's sleep, I woke up at about four, shouting something about... [Wed 10 September 2003]

Got the IPOD working! And now it's stopped again. [Tue 9 September 2003]

No joy with the IPOD Windows '98 is having none of it, got to upgrade it, will try and get XP next week, or give it a... [Wed 3 September 2003]

Black Beans Why can I not get any black beans? Want to make a black bean chili after seeing a recipe in the... [Tue 2 September 2003]

Broccoli Have been recommended a recipe, apparently it is the path between tofu and brocolli from a... [Wed 30 July 2003]

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