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Got to figure out why onBlur() isn't working on pulldown menus on the popEx control panel in some browsers, should I be using onUnSelect() or something instead? Also, the amazing disappearing table borders on the calendar. Everything validates now, but the border's disappeared, something rum in my CSS.

Amazon are offering All-new 20-GB Apple iPod1 from 260 quid, which is confusing now there really is a new IPOD. Oh and all the linking to the wrong article yesterday means that the real NewsWeek article about the new IPOD2 is shunted into second place on

On a "listening to the IPOD now" tip, got The Cure the new album, not really grabbed me yet, it's very big sounding, not a lot of instant pop hooks, what a surprise.

No new mice spotted overnight. Ooh, Keira Knightly breast enhancement3.

💬 broken CSS

💬 There is one upside to having mice

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