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Got the IPOD to talk to the iMac last night! But still not completely there... the IPOD mounts as a drive just fine, but iTunes still won't communicate with it. Found one application PodUtil that will recognise this IPOD, and the tracks on it, but that's only for downloading from IPOD to computer... Found another package that sounds good, that I can't remember the name of right now, it allows for free copying of tracks on the IPOD under OS9.2, but it says it needs iTunes 2.03 present to run, and then it does something that breaks iTunes, and then it crashes... I have managed to track down iTunes 2.04, but OH NO, that's not good enough... Have tried a bundle of extension-disabling, which is The Way To Do Things on a Mac, but I'm out of my depth really.

Obviously there are loads of other apps out there, but they all seem to require OSX, so it looks like I'll have to install that eventually. Last thing to try is use PodUtil to drag the tracks off the IPOD (if there's disk space) and then format it and start again. Frightening stuff though...

Got the carpet fitter booked in now, we'll have this flat looking ship-shape in no time.

💬 get osx on it!

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