Blog2004 ≫ IPOD Mini

Nah, it'll never catch on... They look cute, but I thought the rumour was the new IPOD'd be about 65 quid?

I will surely sound like someone saying "this VHS will never catch on", but there's a few bits I don't understand

Why did they not improve the battery life? I would have thought that having solid state storage instead of a hard drive would improve it hugely... Why's someone going to buy that slimline 4 gigabyte version for 250$ when the 3rd generation 15 gigabyte version1 will be the same price? Have they gone back to the old style moving wheel?

I'm sure they know what they're doing, these are just first impressions, off to check other spoilt kids blogs for opinions...

Oyster card update: it wouldn't scan on the 29 today (Finsbury Park to Camden), but the driver let me on anyway, so no complaints. Today. Worked out the diversion on the 106 has taken nearly A DAY OUT OF MY LIFE already...

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