Blog2010 ≫ Foggy today

Clare is working, I am diying and Harry is counting...

Clare is out at work, we were up early and dropped her off there so as to keep the car. Expecting it to be quiet at work as there is no visibility so not much point going up on to the cliffs. It was foggy yesterday too, we had visitors round and were showing off our house, but they did not believe we had a sea view as the fog was so dense.

Had a quiet night in last night while Clare went to Escondido with Emma. They have SOLVED the menu now, working out that if you order fajitas for two, you basically get the same amount as if you order fajitas for one. So they had one fajitas and one other dish and shared them both, WIN!

Been to B&Q today to get some paint, I will try and finish the kitchen this week. Also bought a multimeter, been meaning to get one for a while, just out of curiousity really. When electrical things break I want to be able to find out which bit is broken and can it be replaced. Will also help with finding out just how stuff works... Since I saw this steam powered usb charger1 I have been wondering about trying out something similar. Connect up a mini windturbine in the garden to an electric motor and have free green phone / ipod charging, or maybe use it to power another computer / camera in the garden. Maybe. Just need to measure what the right voltage and current should be, and now I can.

The boy is sleeping now, just put him down for an early nap. We switched his naps from after lunch to before lunch and he is much happier going down. Previously he was fussing for an hour and not actually getting much sleep, I think the food was waking him up. I am pleased that we seem to have been promoted from "Mama" and "Dada" to "Mummy's" and "Daddy's" over christmas, he's learning new words and how to use them every day. And he's sort of learned to count, and we're not sure how, he got eight-nine-ten this morning. Man alive he's clever.

If you don't hear from me again it is because I have electrocuted myself.

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