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Talking about the weather seems to be a tradition on the weblogs, I've seen a lot of people have links to "times they've mentioned the weather" etc, how odd. Anyway, where the bloody hell did that rain come from? And me without a jacket today. It played havoc with the bus journey home, as any slight upset in the weather does, and it meant our flat filled up with water. Glad I moved the computer.

Anyway, I had a thought today that these new travel passes, one of which I just applied for, are a pretty nifty form of tracking device. If they can detect who you are and how much you've paid just by waving your card near one of their detector points, then I guess if "they" had slightly more powerful detectors scattered around the city, you could be tracked any time you walked near one. I notice the little yellow card readers are at various points along the tunnel to get out of Finsbury Park station, and not at natural barrier points either, so I can only guess they're to be used for monitoring. Or are already being used for this.

Oh, seems not only am I late in getting an IPOD and in applying for an Oyster Card, I am late in having these delusions... Not sure anyone's thought about the card readers being anywhere other than on the underground yet. UGH! This site has a picture of a man with his head stuck up a baby's arse! Or is that an optical illusion?

I am still liking Camera Obscura, everyone's said it, but it's Phil Spector producing Belle and Sebastian. Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow, I'm sure I'll go right off them soon. Not enjoying the album as much as I am the stellastarr one, it's SO GOOD. Wish I'd seen them when they played the Barfly. They're playing York Fibbers (one of ours) in November, so there's a chance they'll play another small venue here, GOT TO see them.

💬 Camera Obscura

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