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IPOD pants, Levi's possibly making a pair of fully wired jeans. There are a few things like this around already, but a pair of jeans is more practical around the home / office / high street than a bulky snowboard coat or rucksack. Oh and there's a new ipod firmware update out today. I'm off and wondering again about putting linux on it, just to see.

Seen: "Who Owns Britain" last night, we had to have a look as there would be properties on there, but it was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. No surprises (rich people own more), and a bit of a skew to Jon Snow's pie chart when he didn't put farmers in with the public. I never watch an hour and a half of the same thing, but this was great.

Heard: Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not, the debut Arctic Monkeys album. All quite familiar as the demos and things have been doing the rounds in the office for ages, but I've got a proper release copy now, it all seems to have been re-recorded (and more swearing added for some reason) and it's brilliant. Order it!

Got rid of the "hide all the posts that you've already seen" functionality from this page now, it was mostly rubbish, it needs more thinking about before I put something like that in again.

php: Old programming language of the web, how I used to make my living.

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Wed Jan 11 2006

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