Blog2004 ≫ IPOD Agent

Downloaded this at the weekend, and have found it quite ace - it grabs RSS feeds from wherever you like (get my RSS here) and converts them and the pages they link to into IPOD notes... so this morning I was able to read Google news, this website, weather1 and all sorts... it's also got some stuff built in for dragging music files off the IPOD and renaming them, but I like how it doesn't try to replicate any stuff that's built into iTunes and Anapod already...

Got this from IPODSoft, who also have GoogleGet guy on board... I had problems with GoogleGet at the time, but I've downloaded the new version and it updates just fine... don't really need both of them though.

Good weekend, watched the football in the Porterhouse in the end, least said the better I think.

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