Blog2007 ≫ Hacking the WidePod

How to hack and crack your new IPOD \"Wide\"

OK, I have not actually hacked the new ipod Touch yet, I do not have one and have not seen one in the flesh, but I wanted to have a post on subject anyway. I love the idea of being able to go online on the device, but if it's all geared towards just heading to the itunes store and buying a song, that's a bit rubbish. I want total freedom to download things from wherever I please, I wonder if it'll be possible to install a bittorrent client on the device and just pirate away as you go?

Not entirely sure why they have such a weedy amount of memory, it's a shame they're heading away from the hard drive basedness of the ipod. I thought it was a misprint when I heard the new players would be 8gb or 16gb, surely 80gb or 160gb makes more sense? I guess I don't listen to more than 8gb worth of music on a regular basis though, if you can sync regularly enough then that's OK. They do look a lot like the new iphone1 but with the phone bits removed.

These new devices do look nice, and maybe now the old video ipods will be cheap enough for me to justify getting one, even though my original ipod is still perfectly serviceable...

Actually 200 quid isn't bad for the new player anyway, my current ipod was something like 400 ...

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