Blog2003 ≫ Darkness December dates

SMART, new Darkness tour:

The Darkness @ Plymouth Pavilion, Plymouth, Devon (Wed 3 Dec) The Darkness @ Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth, Dorset (Thu 4 Dec) The Darkness @ Brixton Academy, Brixton, London (Fri 5 Dec) The Darkness @ Carling Academy, Birmingham, West Midlands (Mon 8 Dec) The Darkness @ Manchester Apollo, Manchester, Lancashire (Wed 10 Dec)

Not best pleased about the prices though, if someone wanted to buy one ticket for Brixton Academy that'll be nearly 24 quid1...

Other links of the day include Advanced MP3 Players2 (I still really want an IPOD) and this frightening urban scooter thing3, smart. Been sent more house details for places I can't afford in Stokey, and am AMAZED at how expensive Fareham is, rapidly heading out of my reach, not that I was going to buy there. Hopefully it bodes well for the bungalow conversion. Exercise bike is being delivered tomorrow, fitter, happier, more productive any day now.

💬 Plymouth Pavillion

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