Blog2005 ≫ I like Shed Boat Shed

This was my favourite of the Turner Prize Entries it really stood out, a deserved winner I reckon. I clearly didn't like it enough to blog about it, but I swear I picked it out at the beginning. Also Antony and the Johnsons, I tipped them to win the Mercury Prize from the off, I need to write down more of what I'm thinking and maybe less of what I'm doing... I didn't like the music at all, a super fey Nick Cave, oh great, but it really stood out somehow. Now it's really growing on me though.

While I'm here though, other things that were my idea, blogging, the internet, IPODs, coloured wristbands, and young ambiguous indie loving conservative leaders, I invented all of them.

Slept fantastically on the way in this morning, dropped off before Ashford and woke up again near Waterloo. No ticket inspector to disturb me, which wasn't so convenient, as I didn't actually have a ticket and had to queue for ages at Charing Cross.

Also, how cool is this1? I have ordered one, I needed a USB hub anyway.

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