Blog2004 ≫ Where'd the site go?

Something up at the hosting centre has meant this has been unavailable, and me with so much news! The new computer1 arrived, so just plugging that in and playing now, all seems to have come up quite neatly. It's trying to sync with Outlook, which I don't currently use, but I'm sure it'll all be fine. Used it in the office and it asked me if I wanted to dial up using someone else's mobile phone, which is nice. Also used it on the tube, but didn't get any rogue messages appearing.

Also got to install the new wireless router so I can wonder round the house with this kit, I am dreading unplugging the old (wired) router and then not being able to get back online again, so will tread carefully...

Here's a nice how-to from Engadget: how to make your IPOD into a universal remote2... will the IPOD start being disused now I have the iPaq? No, I think I can use the two of them together; limited display on the IPOD, and limited storage on the iPaq, so need to buddy them up.

Office move's been put back a week now.

Great weekend just gone, very hot though, excellent family barbecue and did lots of visiting to say thanks for recent birthday and engagement presents. Also ate and drank at the Oast and Squire, Pizza Express, and Slackwater Jacques, might report back more later. Now I'm off to MESS THINGS UP!

PS watched Bend It Like Beckham1 last night. Nice to watch a British film, shame it's rubbish.

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