Blog2003 ≫ Spam

Doing monster spam for Ericsson mobile phones today, it's taking all day! It's quite a nice looking product as it goes. In amongst the bounces and auto replies I have been offered the opportunity to find out what dying stickman I am1.

Have found out I might qualify for the journalist discount for the IPOD, soon as I get one I'm getting one of these - wouldn't have bothered if it hadn't been banned in this country, instant pirate radio, aces!

I hate weblogs that feature people dying, I hardly know anyone who has died ever, but now there's two in the same week, goodbye Lynda. I am not the sort who hangs around with suicidal teen manics fans (well not any more), she was sadly taken before her time by cancer.

💬 Francis Crick's First DNA Sketch

💬 BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Huge 'star-quake' rocks Milky Way

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