Snow and "snow" related things, including venues, pubbing, gigs and blog posts about snow.If you have anything to offer regarding snow that Is not mentioned here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have something to offer regarding my family tree, local pubs or other venues, home automation snow experiments, homebrew, beer, or cider. Thank you.

39 Broadwick Street, London, , W1F 9QJ

Plus Snow Patrol, back when I liked Snow Patrol, but before you like Snow Patrol. Awesome! Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY [2000-12-08 2000]

with 60ft Dolls. I spun my car in the snow on the way home. 147b Albert Rd, Southsea, Hampshire PO4 0JW 023 9286 3911 [1994-02-14 1994]

Duran Duran, Snow Patrol, Stereophonics, Paolo Nuttini, a band from each country of the union, see? We were at this, it was our birthday, my 40th. London [2012-07-27 2012]

Light snow here on Sunday? BBC says we will get light snow on Sunday. That's a forecast three days in advance as I write... [Thu 29 January 2015]

Looks like the New York snow forecast was all nonsense Everyone involved apologises , oops. There was an earthquake in Winchester today though.... [Wed 28 January 2015]

Proper snow here Had a hard burst of not-quite-hail not-quite-snow on the way in this morning, but since I've been... [Tue 20 January 2015]

Rubbish weather here Dark clouds over the dining room too, where Clare is trying to get Harry to do his homework,... [Sat 17 January 2015]

More light snow and heavy frost overnight BUT, it's a nice sunny day now. Still some snow on the ground but the roads are all passable... [Thu 14 March 2013]

Lots and lots and lots of snow We had lots and lots of snow . I did not try to head into work today, not many people did, the... [Tue 12 March 2013]

Lots of snow I had to clear about 5cm of snow off the car this morning. [Mon 11 March 2013]

Snow today It's been freezing for days, but today we have snow . Not laying yet, just blustering about.... [Fri 22 February 2013]

Would you like an imac? It's not a modern one, it's one I got for free when I worked for Channelfly but look, it works:... [Wed 13 February 2013]

Strange day, with a sad ending We stayed in all day yesterday. Much snow but Harry didn't want to go out in it. Then at the... [Mon 21 January 2013]

Energy usage From the graph I now have from my energy monitor and associated scripting it looks like my... [Fri 18 January 2013]

Mmm, payday roulette! Last night we ordered a John Lewis Gershwin Sofa Bed for our garage conversion room. And I... [Fri 11 January 2013]

Snowed a bit again today A good night with number two son, for me at least, he is not feeding properly and causing Clare... [Fri 7 December 2012]

No snow today Not yet anyway. Not snowing, but it's very cold, a struggle to defrost the car again. number two... [Thu 6 December 2012]

Oh, it is snowing here already! I told you it looked like snow ! [Wed 5 December 2012]

Freezing here today Very cold indeed this morning, thick frost on the car. Just about got organised enough to start... [Wed 5 December 2012]

Olympics opening gig at Hyde Park is now common knowledge I knew about this gig in honour of my 40th birthday already (coincidentally the opening day of... [Tue 1 May 2012]

Snow again today the boy a bit better today, still woke up in the night seeming a bit confused, and still off his... [Sun 12 February 2012]

Hey my venn diagram of rock is back! Not sure why this one works and the last one did not: Still lots of snow on the ground... [Tue 7 February 2012]

Still masses of snow around today My camera is refusing to charge so I can't get any pictures, but still as much snow here today as... [Mon 6 February 2012]

Oh yeah proper snow today We had some snow yesterday, fairly light here, but then there was a little more in Etchinghill... [Sun 5 February 2012]

Wow snow has settled outside Our road is covered. [Fri 3 February 2012]

Too cold for snow Very cold today, coldest day yet, icy, but no sign of snow so far, blue skies at the moment. Hmm... [Wed 1 February 2012]

Snowing again Walked again at lunch, it snowed again. [Tue 31 January 2012]

Aargh missed it Missed this Laura Ashley cabinet , it looks really nice and would have been a GREAT pay day... [Tue 31 January 2012]

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow Just did my lunchtime constitutional, and it snowed on me... Just a bit, but real snow. 2800... [Mon 30 January 2012]

Lovely weekend, with snow Great to have the day off Friday and make a nice long weekend with mum and dad. We did have snow,... [Mon 19 December 2011]

Amazing to think that last weekend we were swimming in the sea and this weekend we're thinking about snow... Have a lovely weekend everyone. [Fri 7 October 2011]

Me too! [Thu 27 January 2011]

I agree [Thu 27 January 2011]

Oh yeah I implemented some cool new "speech bubble" type styling here too Well it looks like a nice speech bubble in my browser anyway... Got it from this post on... [Thu 27 January 2011]

Too much lunch Too much lunch choice rather, here in Exmouth Market today. Usually I have a mixed vege... [Thu 27 January 2011]

Quiet day today Musing on Harry's genius. [Wed 22 December 2010]

Heavy snow here last night so working from home today. Not as much snow as they were threatening though... [Tue 21 December 2010]

Work christmas party kind of spoiled by snow Probably just me! [Mon 20 December 2010]

Made it to London and back in the snow (part one). Had a great time [Sun 19 December 2010]

Are we due some big style snow? Sounds like we might be snowed in over xmas... will we make it to Uncle Bob's? [Thu 16 December 2010]

Very cold Hella cold at the moment, we must be due some more snow surely? Been in London the last two days,... [Thu 9 December 2010]

Great long weekend snow + tart tatin + days off = result! [Mon 6 December 2010]

Still the same amount of snow today Eight inches of snow in the back garden, measured! And ooh, a robin [Fri 3 December 2010]

Yup, still snowing! Harry in the snow by folkestonegerald , on Flickr [Thu 2 December 2010]

Seriously snowing hard here now That forecast for 20cm overnight might not be too much of an over-estimation after all! I can't... [Wed 1 December 2010]

Up to another 20cm of snow forecast overnight and a big snow love heart [Wed 1 December 2010]

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow It has snowed big style here. Snowing constantly for a couple of days here, I think the sea spray... [Wed 1 December 2010]

Not the best end to that day either After the pukey start , as I had the car I was collecting Clare from work too. Plans changed and... [Wed 1 December 2010]

Not the best start to the day Harry spewed massively in the car this morning :-( [Mon 29 November 2010]

Freezing here again today A very cold middle day of a long weekend for me. I have Monday off looking after Harry while... [Sun 28 November 2010]

Hot links of the day lego rubiks robot (via @hpoom) and Folkestone urban skiing [Fri 19 February 2010]

Skiing down Folkestone's Old High Street This is the video that's creating a local fuss... [Fri 19 February 2010]

Escaped the snow today Went to Canterbury, lovely, poor boy was sick when we got home though :-( [Sat 13 February 2010]

Snow joke getting in today Still got a lot of snow here, did I mention it? [Fri 12 February 2010]

Instant Karma's gonna get you It feels like only yesterday I was bragging about how good the trains were! [Thu 11 February 2010]

Surprised at how much snow is around Train home seems to have been a better bet than car though. [Wed 10 February 2010]

Heavy snow again here Walk to / from the station is going to be fun... [Wed 10 February 2010]

All those pins stuck in all those maps had to have a consequence sooner or later Voodoo #earthquake :-( [Wed 13 January 2010]

Nice weekend, if a bit chilly Thinking about holidays now... [Mon 11 January 2010]

Snow blind! Was very bright when I went out to watch the snowskaters, but still deep #uksnow here [Fri 8 January 2010]

Seven undrunken nights PLUS I can save 400 this year by not having a lunchtime starbucks [Thu 7 January 2010]

I'm in work today looks like I'm in a minority though... skivers :-) #uksnow [Thu 7 January 2010]

Still waiting for you to upload some pictures and video I've seen the snowman on Kerry's facebook, very nice... [Wed 6 January 2010]

RE: Snowing again here call that snow!!wait till you see ours [Tue 5 January 2010]

Snowing again here #uksnow CT20 6/10 [Tue 5 January 2010]

Ice on the inside of my windscreen tonight Took ages to defrost my car, I need a heated screen... [Mon 4 January 2010]

Still got snow on the ground here in Folkestone No more falling, wonder if it will. Pictures! [Sat 2 January 2010]

Twelve hours plus uninterrupted sleep (the boy, not me) [Mon 21 December 2009]

#uksnow CT20 4/10 oh, I already used that for my twitpic post... [Sat 19 December 2009]

Updating my gigography Trail of Dead and Snow Patrol gig was at ULU, of course. [Mon 18 May 2009]

Heading to London in a bit Hope we don't hit any snow on the way! Has there really been any? [Thu 5 March 2009]

No more snow here overnight Looks like we can't say the same for the rest of the country ! Clare got a lovely text saying... [Mon 2 February 2009]

We have snow today Expecting more overnight... Our back garden, through the lounge window:... [Sun 1 February 2009]

Munich I was in Munich last week with work , and haven't written it up yet, so here we go... I opted... [Sun 1 February 2009]

Snowing here! [Tue 20 January 2009]

Snow patrol Still very icy round here, and even some residual snow on the ground from yesterday that did not... [Tue 6 January 2009]

We got snow this morning Wasn't expecting that at all, looks lovely but not so helpful for our first day back at work of... [Mon 5 January 2009]

Heavy snow both ends Just back from the parents, we had heavy snow there at 8am this morning that settled, probably 3... [Sun 6 April 2008]

Fareham plays its part in the war on tourism A local story that was doing the rounds yesterday about a couple being banned from Fareham... [Fri 4 January 2008]

Ooh, we got snow already Should be quite a slippy slide home tonight. I'm GLAD, Clare is off work sick today, this is sure... [Thu 3 January 2008]

Yeah we had some snow today Here's a friend I see every morning on my walk to work: See also my walk into work , and my... [Thu 8 February 2007]

Snow today Snow overnight, enough to cancel all trains heading out of Folkestone, so Clare had to work from... [Thu 25 January 2007]

RE: I was looking for a job, and then I found a job Nice one chum! [Wed 24 January 2007]

Wahey, good luck with flat number three! When I catch up with you and I am a landlord too, maybe I'll be able to make it along for one of... [Wed 24 January 2007]

RE: The plan is to keep the flat too Many congrats on the new job - oh the irony of working for a travel firm and then... not having... [Wed 24 January 2007]

No snow here Had a few pictures emailed and texted in from friends and family about the place of their snowy... [Wed 24 January 2007]

Crash? What crash? I hung on for years and years wary of buying convinced there would be a crash. If I'd bought when... [Wed 24 January 2007]

The plan is to keep the flat too Might be a bit ambitious, but I don't see why, we didn't spend as much as we might have done on... [Wed 24 January 2007]

well done rude boy. hythe isnt far away - time you bought a car though i think. also, dont buy now - save... [Wed 24 January 2007]

Congratulations Big congratulations on the new job and well done on finding one in Folkestone. Does this mean... [Tue 23 January 2007]

I was looking for a job, and then I found a job No posts for a few days, I had something to say but wanted to wait until I got an official... [Tue 23 January 2007]

Folkestone on popbitch Not real popbitch (ie the popbitch newsletter ), just something someone just posted on the... [Mon 18 September 2006]

I saw quite a bit here in London None of it settled though, and it mixed and matched with super sunny weather. [Wed 1 March 2006]

RE: Ooh, snowing here I was driving back from Staines today chasing the snow all the way back to Fareham. Had about 15... [Tue 28 February 2006]

Ooh, snowing here [Tue 28 February 2006]

Let it snow let it snow let it snow Forgot to say earlier, there were a few flecks of snow this morning while we were waiting for... [Fri 27 January 2006]

RE: And two eyes made out of, er, sprouts I'm so jealous and almost half tempted to move to Folkestone so we can experience some more snow... [Fri 30 December 2005]

And two eyes made out of, er, sprouts Us in the snow today in the in-laws garden, Clare took the picture that's why she's missing... We... [Wed 28 December 2005]

Snowed in Well maybe not yet, but it's frozen overnight and is snowing again, medium heavy... Here's al ook... [Fri 4 March 2005]

Let it snow let it snow let it snow GREAT weekend, which I will come back to as it's time to do some work. Bit cold, but very nice to... [Tue 22 February 2005]

Ooh, it's another Snow Patrol track! Yeah, it would be GREAT dancing at the disco of your IPOD! Don't worry, sorted it now man, lots... [Fri 11 February 2005]

I have amazing musical taste i'll have you know. I have amazing musical taste i'll have you know. [Fri 11 February 2005]

DUDE! That is the fear I have, especially as we DON'T have everything that's on the IPOD on the... [Tue 8 February 2005]

But you're a bit stuffed when by accident you plug your 40gig Pod into your gf's profile, wipe out your esquisite taste and end up with her crap on... But you're a bit stuffed when by accident you plug your 40gig Pod into your gf's profile, wipe... [Tue 8 February 2005]

Cheers We should be logged in to different user profiles... can't get either computer to recognise one... [Tue 8 February 2005]

pods We live in a two Pod, one PC household. Different XP user profiles handles two separate... [Mon 7 February 2005]

Nice weekend, good to spend some time with friends in Winchester. The journey there wasn't so fun, guess... Nice weekend, good to spend some time with friends in Winchester . The journey there wasn't so... [Mon 7 February 2005]

Half snowman, half machine Monster snow and music event at Xscape Indoor Snow Arena, Milton Keynes. Lesley Mckenna and... [Tue 20 April 2004]

V Festival press release Quite a saucy lineup so far: The Pixies , The Strokes , Kings of Leon , Snow Patrol , Keane... [Tue 16 March 2004]

RE: SSX3 votre jeu est trop cool je l' adore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Thu 26 February 2004]

Snow! Snow again today, though it's not brought traffic chaos - I'd like to think the traffic chaos in... [Tue 24 February 2004]

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club anyone going to see them tonight? [Wed 4 February 2004]

Snow Snow in Stokey last night, none of it settled though, is there really a super blizzard on the... [Wed 28 January 2004]

SSX3 [Tue 11 November 2003]

SSX3 Cool, mate has just got so got SSX3 for the PS2 , and it can be played as a network game, so got... [Fri 31 October 2003]

Send out another ad for MTV2 Gonzo tour MTV2 Gonzo tour update! The fantastic new Rough Trade signings Fiery Furnaces are joining the... [Fri 10 October 2003]

Monday rowing, Tuesday gymnastics Hibbett on a Friday night! [Thu 31 July 2003]

Todays releases Snow Patrol, 28 Days, and a Cousteau re-release... [Mon 12 March 2001]

Very Sexy Weekend Trail of Dead and Snow Patrol ROCKED MY WORLD! [Mon 11 December 2000]

Today is a good day, part one Snow Patrol are touring right about now... [Thu 30 November 2000]

Billie Bans "The Sun" Snow Dome No really, that's what I thought it said... [Tue 19 September 2000]

Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V This reporting lark is easy... single and tour news [Mon 4 September 2000]

Snow Patrol and Belle and Sebastian live tonight SCREAMADELICA present Snow Patrol live, and a B&S DJ slot in Dublin... and a Libellous Vinyl... [Thu 3 August 2000]

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