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Last night saw us drinking in the Rochester Castle (very busy, and not just with tramps and mentals) and the Coach and Horses, and then on to The Defoe (where I was roundly thrashed by Clare, and then to Il Bacio for the much anticipated meal...

Seems there's a new bar on Stoke Newington Church Street, at number 98, called Bar 98... looked quite smart from the outside, but not sure it's our sort of place... not sure if it's the look of the place, or just the name and my beery state, but it reminded me of Gate 28 in Sandgate, which I've been to lots and don't much like. Nice enough place but no real ales. I'm so narrow minded.

Our trip to Spitalfields today wasn't the success I'd hoped today, found the lizard shaped metal bathroom furnishings, but they weren't as good as I'd remembered, so we came back empty handed. Foolishly we forgot to stock up on tinned food and candles, in preparation for this weeks snow storms and that...

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Sun Jan 25 2004

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